Ladilok, demoness of mind control, get someone back

I believe I can summon Ladilok with her sigil and the incantations by EA, right? (Kingdom of Flames, I dont have the book but I have her sigil)
Anyone has experiences with her?

Her description says,
“Ladilok views mortal women as slaves and as playthings for both mortal men and spirits, and it is her pleasure to enslave a desired women on a man’s behalf to do as he commands. She will ensnare the thoughts and deepest feelings of any women with incredible ease. She also is proficient with, and teaches mind control.”

Yes I’ve dug the forum but looking for more info on her if any.


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What more information do you need?

Have you done the working yet? How did it go

I want to know if that can be applicable to gay men :joy: Seeing as I’m gay


Ask Ladilok!

Perhaps its power is not limited to women by the physical body, but by the sexual part, a woman’s mind.

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I hired someone else for it
As it was a complex relationship I was dealing with and the way I wanted to make the person act was a bit… super complex lol soo yeah he keeps me updated too and its going good… ladilok is cool :wink:

why would you give someone you love to a demon who sees women as slaves?

Not a love relationship… more of the other side