Lack of success with the “Contact Me” Spell

Greetings fellow BALGers

Not really sure where this topic should go. So while I’ve had some success in magic I’ve never been able to get the contact me spell to work and I’ve always been curious as to why. I’ve tried it out on a variety of targets ranging from:

  1. my ex. Obvious as to why this one didn’t work

  2. An old friend who we have not spoken to in a year and have lost touch and

  3. A friend who I speak to so in this one I wanted him to contact me within 24 hours.

None of the above ever worked, I’ve had success with larger more complex rituals but never this one. I’m curious as if it’s some kind of block

I essentially wanted something simple
to try as I still consider myself very much a novice

PS. I am aware that by saying it doesn’t work I have now put that intent out to the universe so it’s unlikely to work the fourth time I’ve tried it today.

The universe has a weird way of working. Sometimes contact may not be what we think it is.

I’ve done something like this myself then low and behold months (though out of initial timeframe) I get the contact and found out they had something come up. In this case they got jailed because they were dumb and got caught stealing.


Was that spell one of the following? BTW here is a page with two possible workings:

Interesting. Good to know. The main reason I chose it was because of how quickly it normally works.

Nope. The one I used was the YouTube one where you draw a symbol for air and then write a letter to them asking them to contact you


I’ve had little success with contact me spells too - following really for hope

I’ve tried that specific one once and left the note under my phone, inside my phone case since I had to go to work. I didn’t have success with the spell, but I’m thinking of trying again. The hard part is unlocking your phone and checking your messages, ie, lusting for results.

I have my phone in silence. Always. So I just check it out every hour or so, out of habit. If you can do without answering immediatly for laboral reasons, then that’s something you can try.

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Yes for some reason it’s never ever worked for me

Always best to not lust for results, although easier said then done. I’m not sure if checking your messages counts as that is something we all do naturally

That’s exactly the issue because I can convince myself that consciously, I’m just generally checking my messages, but it’s most likely my unconscious desire to see a message from my intended target.

I honestly think most magick works with our subconscious and we get results when we subconsciously believe in it… which is confusing as consciously I can believe I hold a belief and perhaps I don’t in my subconscious…

I know I had the best results ever when I was doing wim hof and nap and I think I’m gonna go back to trying to implant beliefs in my subconscious mind about magick working so it does - via meditation.

The success rate in comments in those spells is too high to be coincidence so I think for me anyway the problem is in my subconscious beliefs that need altering then il be away…

The only contact spell ive ever had work for me was writing on a piece of parchment whom i wanted contact from with the words text me to which he did within minutes afterwards after a long pause of communication. Only worked a few times. If someone is stubborn to spells or really does NOT want to contact you. They won’t as my other same attempts have failed on him.

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Yes. This is a tricky area. There are so many things that can come into play. I’d say success can depend on the person being cast on as well. Unless they are a straight-forward kinda person, you know the kind that speaks their mind and doesn’t hold anything back (and even still they can get shy too sometimes), then I’ve noticed most people may ignore, or try to hide their feelings or the pressure to contact.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself once to contact the person first after using the spell on them with no success…And I’d say something like “I was just thinking of you a lot for some reason” and they’ll be totally shocked like really?! me too.


Interesting use of the mundane with the magical to test if the magical works

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True. It could be the conscience interfering with the subconscious and vice versa

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I’m wondering if doing magic while Ingesting psychotropic drugs would help in those circumstances. You know to help with aligning the conscious with the subconscious

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I tend to think these kind of spells are hit or miss. Well, as are a lot of things in magick :joy: but these ones especially.
I have tried several ones, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes it worked in spite of me lusting for results. Sometimes it did not work even though I was not lusting for results.
I could not pinpoint the exact reason why but yeah I guess it has to do with alignment, not just within yourself but with the other person as well :thinking:
That is a very interesting question though, makes wanna go back and dig deeper into this !

Yes if we could somehow get to the bottom as to why this spell is so inconsistent I’m sure it would elevate us all as magicians

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So about if phy drugs help… from the very little I’ve done typically when I was tripping is when I had more power like projected myself to the presedent and he actually responded to me. I’ve never tried this contact me spell befor but I’ve had times where I just shouted in my mind for someone to meet me at a specific place and they have shown up and said they were thinking of me. I’ll probably end up trying a contact me spell just for the fun of success.

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