Lack of energy

Hey all. Not been here much lately as I’ve hit a wall. I have chronic pain issues and the fatigie is totally draining me.

Just wondered if anyone here had any tips on raising day to day energy. I eat healthily, I exercise as much as I can (swimming and yoga) and am getting enough sleep. It’s a medical issue likely arthritis or fibromyalgia according to mt doctor who is running tests but so far nothing conclusive.

I was wondering if magical energy work would help raise general physical energy? Was going to look into Robert Bruce’s stuff.


Oj always helps me when I have a lack of energy.

A good thing to do is to stand barefoot in the grass with your arms up and palms to the sky. Just do this for a few minutes every day


I’m in the same ship as you, I barely managed to get out of bed today and that was late afternoon… My body hurts and my energy levels are below 0, I couldn’t even meditate for more than few seconds, felt like someone was draining all my power… Managed to do LBRP very poorly executed exactly because of the lack of energy, now lets hope it worked and if there was anything lingering around it will get the hell out of here…


I made it out the house but it was so difficult and now I’m wiped

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Qi gong can greatly help you with both healing and energy levels. There are gentle forms that can be done sitting or lying down.


Sounds like you have an astral parasite. Ok so keep doing LBRP it gets better the more you do it,
So you should do it every day till things gets better.
then use white sage and cleanse the room then your self then you can take a shower and you should be good to go.
Meditate after that you will feel amazing.

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Take it easy on the exercise. Inflammatory conditions (arthritis, fibromyalgia) will worsen if you exercise while suffering. Eating healthy is not enough to help a chronic condition of any type. Check out the forums at A lot of people have energy problems with fibro and arthritis and have improved with the right supplements --which your doctor knows zero about.


thank you!

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i will say,have a good laugh and smile more.