Lack of comunication

Hail thee magickal people! I started my journey to the left-hand path 3 months ago and I tried several methods of evocation - gazing,enns, DOM methods, besides this - Corwin Hargrove systems and LHD.
Many times I sense some energy, I feel some presence but never heard in my head anything from the entities I tried to work with. I am doing many rituals, working on problems that torment me, and the fact that my astral senses are blocked and 0 level sometimes makes me feel like I am losing hope to contact any demon and communicate. I think the main problem that I have no visible results in the manifestation of my desires is my lack of astral senses. If someone has a good system for developing the senses, also the third eye, something that will help me, I will be very glad to learn a working method.

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I used to be very psychic, could tell the phone was going to ring before it did, thought of someone and they would call, could feel people looking or staring or grazing at me, etc.
Then I lost it over time.
Could even divine clouds and would chat with my invisible friends.
Get it back.
Start wearing a specific color (i.e have seven different colored clothing to wear a week), even just a shirt. Align it with the days of the week correspondences.
Start looking for things of a certain shape, color, etc.
Take out your tarot deck, sort it several times and try to guess whether it will be a minor court or major. Do this every day for a month.
Do tarot readings for others.
Look for odd spiritual messages and try to track them.

Edit: Add:
6 pennies and a book on IChing divination, throw two sets of three pennies, decide head unbroken or broken before throwing,
There is increased psychic latency die to cell towers versus landline areas in my opinion, possibly because electric or magnetic combinations could influence people with psychic talent.
Have someone stand behind you and nearly touch you, say where you feel it … if incorrect another area otherwise the toucher says yes.


They’re not blocked.

If they are, it’s because you’re telling yourself they are.

This line of thinking is sowing a lot of doubt into your workings.

People have had results without having very open senses.

Have confidence in what you’re doing,and trust that you’re making contact.

Think of it like this.

You’re I front of a two way mirror.

You, are on the reflective side.

The spirit is on the other side and sees you through the mirror. It can still hear you. Still feel the intent of your call.


I, myself, have been working towards my senses. I haven’t, as of yet, had a conversation or heard more then a breath or out of range mumbling outside of one dream experience, and that dream came 5 days after an evocation and 3 months into meditating. I can say, for me, meditating is starting to bear fruit. Though i also just started incorporating the LBRP, so maybe that’s helping a little too? As I’m still learning and have read pitifully little so far, i can only suggest trying a few different approaches, write down everything after, and see which shows improvement or leads to new experiences, no matter how trivial, and then go all out with that one.
The changing point for me was the dream i had ( Interlude Breakthrough?! ). Coincidentally, i had been doubting myself and after my 3rd/4th evocation of not magically being able to have dialog (which looking back at it is funny), I kinda vented to Lilith asking in frustration what I was doing wrong, or if I was even capable. Then the dream happened and I can still feel it now over a month later. Since the experience I just look for anything new, and while my intent is still increasing my clairs, i don’t let slow results bother me as they are still results. I wish you the best of luck on your path and the fortitude to see it through :slight_smile: