La Santa Muerte Stories

Hello everyone,

since I came to this forum, I talked to Santa Muerte.
I asked her, that I would love to get her help in my situation, but I can’t promise to give her an altar forever - because I don’t want the people around me to know about the magic and stuff like that I do.
I have the feeling, she helped me already - everytime I felt sad and talked to her, I felt better afterwards. I feel like she is so friendly and caring.

I know there are many topics about her already, but I just wanted to ask all the people who worked with her, if they would be willing to change some stories and experiences. =)
I would love to know everything you’d like to share. What happened? How long did it take? Where did she help you? What did you feel? What did you give her? etc.

I would also love to talk so someone who actually worked with her (in love matters) and could give me some advice - so it would be great, if you could PM me =)

I hope some people want to share some stories with us. Thank you in advance!


Hi, I just recently started to work with la santa muerte. I was going thru some pictures and felt someone behind me on the couch I could see the image of het standing in white , I started talking to her. i felt such peace , I also asked her about bringing my husband back and told her My troubles. I believe she will. I don’t have much bit I do light a red votive candle and I put things on the table for her like this morning instead of me having coffee I fixed it for her , I am giving her what i have , I believe she knows my heart I believe she will answer, I also told her onci am home she will have an altar, and when i have had 48 yrs with my husband i and my cat will join her as reaper’s. be honest and let things come from your heart she will listen

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I am working with Santa Muerte but haven’t try love works yet, for I have no need for that working. But I recommend you to chech this one:

It is available on you can launch account there for one month for free and go through this book and make notes. (also 3 others books abou Santa Muerte are available there)