Kundalini Yoga before Yogi Bhajan

Hi guys,
Im looking for some help here. I have researched into Kundalini/Kriya Yoga for a while now but what I seem to constantly find is a load of BS…
Most know that Yogi Bhajans cult was what brought Kundalini to the west, (Thats what mainstream folks say at least) but there seems to be too much nonsense in what he taught. Most books I find seem to be riddled with his teaching for the most part or ignorant new age idiocy and philosophy.

I am interested if anyone knows of a book, website, ect that will teach real kundalini yoga. I want to work on my energy bodies, chakras, and raising of the Kundalini.
I would appreciate anything you are willing to share!

-Cade S.


The work of Robert Bruce is probably want you want to look at. He doesn’t deal with asana or pranayama, but he covers the chakras, the various bodies and the Kundalini.

He has a course specifically on the Kundlaini that is available at BALG.


for kryia yoga i have a person you can look into and a school you can try (ive never tried the school), i will pm

you actually reminded me of something, thanks

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Read about kriya yoga by Paramahansa Yogananda

Well I am looking for Kundalini Asanas and Mudras that can be used for expanding consciousness. In all reality I think most of us know by now that most of what is taught in the west as “yoga” is a lot of nonsensical ideologies and dogma, (Usually, a bit less aggressive than the Judeo-Christian Abrahamic Religions). Yogi Bhajan was a cult leader, Osho was a cult leader, Sadhduru is a cult leader as well as many other “founders” of western yoga. I will not fault them for manipulating the masses, or creating a cult of followers that gave them sex, power, and wealth. I say bravo to them for creating their empires. They gave the world a few nice books though Im not interested in their bull shit.
I know there are Kundalini yoga teachers out there that teach powerful magick through manipulating energy in their bodies and chakras using Asanas, Mudras, Meditations and Mantras without the bull shit.

‘Kundalini Exposed’, By SantataGamana is the best one I ever found. Very simple, but not easy. You have to be able to hold your breath comfortably for 90 secs. to 2 minutes.
Definitely not a cult leader tho, nobody even knows what he looks like . I call him a ‘Him’, but I don’t really know. Over the course of several email conversations, he’s never contradicted me on that.
Definitely the real thing.