Kundalini / Thyroid

Anyone here with an active K experiencing thyroid issues? Specifically Hyperthyroid? PM me if you would please, I have a couple of questions.

Does anyone think that taking medication to “normalize” thyroid function would take away from the Kundalini? Or is the overactive/underactive thyroid just something that comes with the territory?

This isn’t really something I can ask a doctor…

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I have an under active thyroid and I do take medication for it.

My Kundalini is still quite strong and seems unaffected by the medication. If anything, it’s even stronger now.


Your reply just gave me a sigh of relief. Time to get rid of some of these negative side effects. I was just afraid I would lose some of the potency of the fire.

Thank you.

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You’re most welcome.

Thyroid is some serious stuff. I had to learn the hard way myself to keep it in check. Regulating it will help your fire immensely.


I take meds for underactive thyroid daily. It is a pain. I never thought it would affect kundilini.

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