Kundalini,strange sensations and more

hello guys i am going through a kundalini awakening
and i am currently witnessing my doubts and repressed thoughts and feelings
i feel the kundalini rising this is actually my second time awakening the kundalini
but today had felt strange sensations on my feet,palm solar plexus root crown and throat chakra its a strange feeling sort of tightening and throbbing i had thought of parasites but i asked for a read and no parasite is within or around me and i got legions of protection and azazel himself
i dont know its very weird

can anyone help me understanding this?



It seems you are feeling the same way I used to feel these chakras through my sreevidya and kiya yoga partices. At one point my feet became so sensitive that I used to wear socks. I used to feel my heart chakra so strong that at one it felt like it would break my rib cage and same for third eye and through chakra.

It will happend when your upper chakras are more active thn your lower chakras. Please do grounding and keep the focus on your root chakra. It will help ( sorry for bad englight)


yep sounds similiar to me

and my root feels the most weird.thank you i defenetly ground

Quite normal, but don’t rush it. Ground yourself constantly with Kundalini through yoga and meditation. It’s practically like a B-Grade bad acid trip gone wrong if the kundalini comes when not prepared.

An old friend of mine got kundalini charged up he had to see a shrink. The energy was too much that he was sitting on the floor of a psychiatrist mildly convulsing and twitching whilst the kundalini was in full effect. He went psychotic — but much evidence about him leads me to prove he had a predisposition.

When you close your eye in meditative state … please focus on root chakra and do feel pulsation in it or you can chant mantra for this chakra

I would say this will be a very interesting period of your whole life. Few is able to experience this. I went through this part of my life with lots of grateful moments. There is a lot of things you can do to help the whole situation. It is a different experience for everybody. The most important thing is to uplift your emotions during all these episodes. Feeling grateful for anything big or minute is good to practice. Go walk on concrete, sand, grass, or soil may help. You can also visualise grounding, through some of your feet with the deep earth below with every exhale and bring energy from the earth up the soles of your feet and exit your crown and then repeat. See how your emotions respond. It could also be a good time to learn to astral project during your sleep. It will open you up to a lot of possibilities during this period. Experiment with energy projection through your palms and soles of your feet. Relax your focus, use intention and feeling to mold a feeling of magnetism between your palms or your feet. It is a very interesting sensation. There are so many things to play around. This is the time to learn. The last thing to ever do is feel depressed and sulk over nothing. Good luck and enjoy the process.