Kundalini spirit

Howdy y’all! Does anybody know a good spirit to work with that can assist in raising kundalini? I am working on opening my chakras as described in koettings questing after visions and I have had great success. I was just wondering if there was a particular spirit that can aid in spiritual ascent, specifically raising kundalini. Thanks guys

^I am interested in an answer to this.

And I am also wondering is the Kundalini serpent itself a spirit?
What is the Kundalini serpent exactly?

This might help:

As we discussed, Lord Ganesha controls the first psychic chakra, i.e. muladhara. He is the gate keeper and the ruler of this chakra. In passive or sleeping mode, Shridevi Parvathi also dwells here in muladhara as a serpent called Kundalini. In the awakened state, Shridevi moves as Kundalini power in sushumna.

The divine channel(nadi) sushumna is nothing but Lord Karthikeya himself. The spinal column in which sushumna is said to be present, looks like a serpent. So, in Southern India , Lord Karthikeya is worshiped as a divine serpent. Since Devi Kundalini is a serpent, it also suggests that Lord Karthikeya may also symbolize Kundalini power. Lord Shiva is known to be seated in the sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head.

Source: https://rudrakshayoga.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/esoteric-secrets-of-shiva-and-his-family-a-perspective-from-kundalini-yoga/

This looks at things from the Shakti point of view: http://www.freebsd.nfo.sk/esoteric/kundalini.htm

If you search for the names of those various gods and concepts + “kundalini” you should find a ton of material about this. :slight_smile: