Kundalini Reiki. Offering Free Healing

I am Alfred Durant Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher. I am offering free healing to anyone in need of healing. I offer my services free of charge for the benefit of all beings. Love n Light.


May I take you up on your offer sir?

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Could I apply? Having some unbalanced chakras due to previous life issues. Still balancing it. I can send you protection as exchange.

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I want too…

I can receive the cure

Yes please, with ketchup on it? (jk) lol thank you! PM if you want an exchange of some kind.

I would love some healing please

What kind of healing do you practice? As an aspiring healer/shaman, I’ve been looking at all kinds from the physical to spiritual ways.

Sign me up if it isn’t too late lol

I’m with Krush. Sign me up too

Me as well please :slight_smile:

Man it’s nothing like some good healing. The way you feel afterwards makes you feel like you in a five star hotel in The Heavens

Sure what do you need healing for?

I can balance your chakras

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If you are willing, I’d love to receive some general cleansing/advice to keep cleansed/any advice you have for doing it

If you’d like, I can do a few tarot reads for you in return

I’d like some healing too, if you don’t mind.
Something about my chakras would be good!


I’d like to recieve a healing as well please!

I would love to be considered ; i have suffered according to drs stroke and have some damages that the are blaming on a stroke

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How are you all so eager to allow a total stranger access to your energy field like that?! Do you realize how many parasites operate via this method? I’m sorry but you all better be more discerning than this. You have no idea how many times people have had me remove parasites and cords after such “work”.
OP, not slandering you, but this is for everyone’s benefit that they get to know you and discern, first. Who here can vouch for your reputation?