Kundalini question

So I been really trying to get on this path of raising my kundalini lol. I have one problem and was making this thread to see if someone could potentially help me out lol.

  • books seem to contain just a bunch of misinformation unless you all know a book that’s good that I have not seen yet in this subject.

Therefor I cannot seem to find any information on how this path is carried out lol like how it’s done ect. But it seems very magnetic to me like I keep being drawn back to this.

I’m not sure what books you’ve read and I’m not going to assume either. For kundalini practice, I found it more valuable to trace back to scholarly texts/reputable books concerning tantric yoga, as that is where it originates from. Though, it might not be what you’re looking for since idk how much you want to delve into yoga itself or focus solely on kundalini. Arguably, might be highly integrated (can’t do one without the other).

Obviously source texts with good translations are rare, especially in regards to Hindu. I’ve heard of this book " A Systematic Course in the Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya", if you haven’t checked it out yet. It’s more of an instruction book, which might be valuable if you’re looking for that instead of a study book?

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Anything perhaps will help. As long as it has information that actually males sense lol


My rule of thumb is avoiding books that try to market it as some new-age trend, e.g. “10 Steps to Raise Your Kundalini”. It’s diluted, discount work made to be sold like any other prettily packaged yogic book. Yoga is an old, rich tradition with several texts created for it the last 2000+ years, you’re bound to find something of value going down that route.

That is just me tho.


Here is something I found useful. She gives a mantra at the end. To me it feels like a soft raising of the energy


The old texts probably won’t make sense to you until you already know enough that you only need them for reference not learning.

I suggest Robert Bruce’s book Astral Dynamics. He’s Australian, has raised his kundalini, been interviewed by E.A., and explains it in ways that work for a lot of westerners. He has a kundalini course that you can follow to raise your kundalini and his own forum on it.


If you want to complete the kundalini, and by that I mean actually finish the circuit, not just raise the energy, then I highly recommend Path Notes of An American Ninja Master. The author, Glenn Morris, was a Western martial arts student who completed the kundalini through Chinese qi gong techniques. He goes over the dangers of it in a relaxed, humorous way, and has anecdotes about the effects it had on himself and his students (for example, one of his students, who worked in a lab, kept smashing beakers and ripped a door handle off his car because he couldn’t control his newfound strength).


May I recommend this book I am slowly going through, which explains things simply and thoroughly. This is one of the best Kundalini awakening books I have read. No, I am not the author lol.


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Does this book perhaps explain how one would prepare so nothing bad happens lol. Or should that all be implied like simple meditation ect

Yes. It covers how to prepare. Basically, it comes down to the fact that energy flows best through a relaxed body, so the author teaches you simple progressive relaxation, followed by meditation to clear the mind, then the Secret Smile, which is a technique for moving energy through the body, then the microcosmic orbit. Once you have achieved the microcosmic orbit, it is simply a matter of setting aside the time needed to complete the kundalini. It all happens quite organically, without a lot of effort.

How long does it usually take for the typical individual to complete the full circuit🤔I would think it depends on the person but I hear it can take years after years.

The author says it can take about 90 days of dilligent practice.