Kundalini energy in sleep

Hey all, I was searching for experiences of people who feel the energy described as a serpent or flame running through the spine in your sleep. Unheard of by me before I found some info online, though nothing from anyone centered in an objective perspective.

Unfamiliar with what these vibrations of the spine are, knowing some of what a Kundalini practice is I was quite surprised to find myself in a semi-lucid state last month with a feeling like half my spine is vibrating. Kind of like a sleep paralysis state though the spine burning sensation felt more intense then most physical sensations in real life.

It happened again recently, for some reason unlike sleep paralysis I have trouble doing it laying straight, on my back. I tried to follow the experience deeper this time. I fell into a dream where I could still feel the spine vibrations and I wandered through some landscape of only mist. Eventually I made it to a plane of light where someone in a white robe was teaching me something, though the moment when I struggled to comprehend and study in my mind I woke up and could not get yet get back.

Has anyone encountered this while sleeping? Any suggestions on how I should proceed? I think i’m rather aware of where there are blockages now. My whole spine did not enrapture with energy. How does one activate higher parts? like the heart chakra

Ok man i got you. Visualize hexagram where the triangle facing upwards is made of fire and the downpointing one made of water. Will the one made of water to disappear. Then focus on the flaming triangle until u feel it surround you Nd turn into a pyramid of flame. There is a dragon on the outside of the pyramid. Also there is one coiled in your root chakra. Breathe and visualize the dragon of your spine and the pyramid moving as one upward. Allowing the serpent to open your chakras oncw it reaches the crown become the dragon. Focus on this feeling then wind the serpent down your spine and envision again the hexagram. Then imagine it going into your heart chakram this should work pretty well for you

Hehe. I know this is a little Off Topic. But I was wondering what a “chakram” and/or chakra is. What I mean is is where that word actually came from. I understand it is a Disc of ones energy centers, but seriously from a Biological Physical standpoint one does not have swirling Vortex’s. I’m just voicing it because I always thought the word itself sounded silly. In Chinese medicine their equivalent of the Chakra system are the Organ/Endocrine system.

Jaron, the White Robed figure is a mysterious figure some might call “Father,” The Dragon. Do not confuse it with Judeo-Xian religions of course =)

Haha well Bio im not sure i have a straight answer for you. Who really used the term first not sure haha but i its more of a spiritual concept. Its a spiritual nervous system the more open your chakras are the more things you will hear and see and sense. All i know is that they definitely exist. Haha so yes in physical technicality they aren’t visible but spiritually speaking they are.

A chakra is an aspect of a person’s subtle body, affected by thoughts and emotions but not by the physical nature.