Kundalini awakening pt1

no indroduction at all

i feel very different i know and feel that this a kundalini awaking each time that i meditate it hits me i feel like i am going through phases of regret pain anger and sorrow,today i sat on meditation again
i felt my intuition telling to me to do a triangle mudra and put it in front of my ajna
i been instructed to pull that energy up there and chant sah 13 times
i seen my self in all of past lives
i seen my demonic and angelic devinity and got through my godforms there was spirits around me the gatekeepers and the watchtower angels along with the pantheon of my soul
and with the demons of my kingdom and that of the infernal empire it was very ecstacetic
i cannot describe it
my patron demon euronymous said that he is very happy for that even the gatekeepers too
i seen in my mind a place with an bright astral mist of green and purple energy i seen robed figures i could sense that those are ascended magicians and masters they all greeted me as divine…too many things to describe i see spirits everywhere my soul is opening
its not the end i have tommorow to work with it too