Kundalini and astral projection

Hello my name is Nico i just started a soul travel courses
I just want to know the KUNDALINI manifestation in one body, Is It the same manifestation when you astral project or soul travel
please someone the clarify Thank you

first i think you should introduce yourself, but for example @DarkestKnight know about this

anyway welcome here on forum

and about your question, in my understanding, kundalini is our prana/ life force goes from down to up to feel sensations, this kundalini can activate astral projecti/ soul traavel, however in my experience you do not need to activate kundalini to astral project/soul travel, but kundalini and astral travel can to help eachother
astral project/soul travel can activate kundalini and kundalini can activate astral project/soul travel

this is my understanding, kind of experiences

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