Kunda force

This is my new thoughts on Kunda force and chakra lines: so when i had that visual coming down from Crown to Root then up again in a rhythm of flame then the Serpent’s head i saw 3D visual looking up at me Rising From the Root and albeit stopping solar plexus area (this i posted before in Azazel )
Ok so my understanding that this morning is the chakra spirit fire Must come Down first and the Serpent / Kunda force must Rise from the Root.
Opening the crown before the root seems contra to what I have previously been told.
On reading marvellous posts by @THHoodedCoded
& @C.Kendall
And more
At the moment with my Azazel invocations/ evocation i get points of light & spots of real discomfort pointed so have focused on those spots to open like little spiraling wormholes
I have just gone over posts by @KurtisJoseph
So im really starting to piece together how this works and thinking of idea formations on how i should proceed. Had an idea that since I don’t have all those candles as posted by @C.Kendall in can mak candle representations with paper and visualize the flames…just a thought

Kunda force gets stimulated by prana, consuming more prana than usual is known as a predatorial act.

Using one air way inhaling more oxygen than normally you would, pull the breath in as much as possible. Contract you’re stomach inwards to intake as much as possible.

Whilst visualising the prana/energy of creation being usurped through that airway.
As that energy current gets pulled through that airway, it will stimulate that one serpent.

With the second airway pushing out the breath as much as possible, then repeating the process.
Once the flames can be felt rising through that one current and airway.

Then move onto the second nostril, the second airway repeating the process, once flames are felt there.

Simple Pranayama and Asana will create great synergy in rising the kunda force.
Feeling and visualising the serpents coil around the chakras.

As the serpents move upwards and flames rise with it, repeat this process over and over.
This results in the rising of the kunda force.

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