Kuji-In famous ninja Black magic


I kind of met someone in the martial arts and explained some Kuji-In. Are you guys familiar with this death magic? Is it somehow related to reiki?


What is it like?


Any details you could fill in? it´s an interesting consept


Mantras and mudras


Its not dark and certainly not death magic, at least outside of the Nicholas Linnear novels…and hollywood ninja movies Their hand signs meant to focus energy for their respective purpose. A kind of hybrid of basic daoist and esoteric buddhist magic.


But they could be used as applications in rituals, but I suppose it requires appropiate timing and creativity


Of course they can. The kuji-kiri is also often used as a banishment method. There’s also a method of drawing the kuji kiri lines over a kanji for practical magic


Banshenshukai also offers spells utilizing similar hand signs if I remember correctly


Nice, didn´t know that. Now that is a banishing method I haven´t tried before, perhaps one day.


Hmmm interesting. Have to read more about it definitely. Thanks for the insights :smile: