Krehl’ a’ teral Experiences? Levitation? Miracles?

Hi, I have been looking for more information on the spirit Krehl’ a’ teral before I summon him. I have a lot of spirits I’m already working with for more astral and healing stuff, so I try to stay conscious about adding more especially one with very, very little info about him available.

The few threads I could find are pretty clipped.
I know he is listed in Koetting’s material but it’s the same small explanation of character everywhere but no one’s experience of achieving the abilities. Has anyone worked with this spirit enough to perform showy “miracles”? I am especially interested in levitation.

Also interested in others like telepathy, pyromancy, etc. things that a non-practitioner with no psychic abilities should be able to confirm.

Any experiences and suggestions you want to share are greatly appreciated.

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Considering that it says directly in the Book of Azazel that it will take years of daily work with the demon to obtain such abilities, I’m not surprised no one can produce such phenomena. So many want powers, but very few have the dedication and discipline required to do the work to get them.


Yes and it’s unfortunately either no one has committed to that time, reported their results, or reported the source’s account of discovering this Spirit’s ability. How do we know this is his ability for sure if no one can confirm and there is no testimony?

Well, the author of the Book of Azazel, as part of his pact with the grand demon, evoked each of the Nethers that are described, and questioned them on what they could do for the sorcerer.

However, just like any book of spirits, including such well worn classics as the Goetia, you have to trust what is written. These are the powers that the spirits themselves told EA Koetting that they possess and are able to teach, so I would assume that it was Krehl’a’teral himself that said it would take years of dedicated practice to master his teachings.

The BOA doesn’t say if EA spent time learning from any of the Nethers beyond Azazel and Ant’harratu though.