KoF Questions

I just have some simple questions regarding the KoF book.

Do I HAVE to open the Gateway into Regnum Spiritus?
Can I draw the Seal of the Sorcerer on print paper with blank ink?
Can I evoke these entities like I would any other?
Can I evoke them in my backyard?
Do I have to banish if I evoke them in my backyard?
Can I write a petition to the KoF entities like I would for any other entity?

1: No

2: Yes

3: Yes

4: Yes

5: Yes

6: Yes



Thank you SO much man
Love you! (No homo)


Love you! (No straight)


I read it 2 days ago and was a bit bummed out because i have no idea how to astral project and so on. Chakrawork is in babyshoes and senses are not nearly trained enough.
But i remember someone doing an evocation and pact with a spirit of that book to develop the senses and shapeshift. I think it was Sastan. So i think you can just work with them like any other entity.

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Funny thing is I will be doing an evocation on Sastan as well

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Good luck. If i ever feel ready to start an evocation he would probably be one of the first entitys i call. Basics are important and he seems reliable as far as i have read other peoples experiences.

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Well you can write a petition to Sastan for your astral senses