KoF - Kingdom of Shadows

I’m not sure if this belongs in the Soul Travel category, so please feel free to move this thread if you feel that’s a better category for it.

I was opening the square for the Kingdom of Shadows to summon Mestorat. It was my first time opening a square. So I didn’t know what to expect. As I got myself into a trance state, I was able to see within my mind a place that looked bright, empty and it appeared to be some sort of sandy salt flats. I did see a devil-like creature trying to trick me into believing I was seeing Mestorat, but I disregarded it. Then suddenly I had the feeling of the place as if I was there for a moment.

So, after the ritual, I decided to read what EA had to say about his experience of the place. He described something completely different from what I saw i.e. a dark swampy place that sounds pretty awful.

Is that normal?


Yes, the kingdoms are vast and it is very possible that you were taken to a different part of it than EA was.

I have opened many squares but have never traveled into them so I cannot confirm my supposition though.


So did I just soul travel? Or what would you call it?

I would say it was a mental projection. You didn’t actually travel out of body, but your mind connected with the square and produced a sort of vision.

Your description reminded me of the beginning stages of astral projection, where you are instructed to travel around your home mentally. You visualize standing up and walking around, but you haven’t truly “left” your body yet.


Sounds about right. It was as if I’d taken a quick mental peek inside that realm, but for a split moment I connected with the feel of the place. :slight_smile: