Koetting's modified celtic cross spread_last 3 cards

Howdy all,

I’m really enjoying & getting my money’s worth from the BALG Divination Course. Everyday I’m practicing the following 3 spreads as described in the course:

  1. Koetting’s Modified Celtic Cross Spread (although ea doesn’t call it that, he is much too humble, I call it that because i can keep track)

  2. Faust’s Spread

  3. Koetting’s Straight Arrow Spread

I’m having a little trouble with the last 3 cards in the spread however. Yes, I definitely agree with EA that there just isn’t enough to go on at the end of a traditional CC Spread, but how is everybody else using the last 3 cards?

I know that there really isn’t any definitive answer to this, but I’d like some real life experience shared about this if you have any.

I think I’m having trouble making a connection to how the last 3 cards play out in relation to the rest of the spread. Very easily I could see in some instances where the last 3 may be more of a progression of the “final result”, but again, there is no hard/fast rule with this.

Thanks everyone,

Modes_Operandi 439

I read all three cards before making a statement, cause they really create a unique combination of an answer. It’s not like 3 seperate informations for me, they come together as one and kind of explain “each other”, if that’ the right way to put it.

Thanks ice!

That’s why i fucking love this forum man. I think i was reading each individually, and not to say that that may be the case sometimes, but I get what you are saying. I need to take in all 3 cards at the same time. As if all 3 cards are making up a fourth card (non existing) which is the answer. As you put it explaining each other.

Anytime. And yes, that’s what I meant.

Usually, I look at them and allow my intuition to tell me how I should read them.
Sometimes they should be read together as a single card, other times two of them go together and the third shows me an obstacle/situation that either will prevent from happening what the other two cards say or tells me that what the other cards say will happen in spite of it. A couple of times I read them in a chronological sequence.

You can sometimes add a few extra cards at the end to gain more info,
it just depend on how your inner vision is telling you, You will see how each card can build on the one’s before so adding extra cards at the end can be good, it all depends on the reading and how you interpret the spread.

Hope this helps…