Knowing about future events, deja Vue..sensing and knowing peoples emotions


it has been very painful my daughter going thru agony n i cant do anything for her you kno its 20x over whelming since its my kid how do you handle things


Hard core grounding and shielding, though I didn’t know that’s what I was doing when I was a kid.
I also didn’t try to force group events but worked on gradually introducing them. I wouldn’t go to malls at first without another person. The other person became a focal point for me and it helped me learn to dim the static of everyone else.

I also talked to a lot of animal Spirits (I think any Spirit or Daemon would work though) and I realized later they tried to help me cope as well.

When I walk(ed) by someone that was overly emotional, so it was above the general vib of the area, I’d mentally (or whisper) a personal “get well” or some other relaxing phrase and send that little bit of energy to that spot.
This would help me to not feel compelled to seek them out.

In later years I’ve also used Vampirism in a similar way. Draining a small amount (not too much) from a person actually improves their mood. Too much makes it worse.
I’ll ground immediatly or also bring in Cosmic Energy (Dark Energy, Solar Energy, there are lots of names) to purify and process what I took.
I don’t do this too often but it can also bring my anxiety down in a group of strangers.

With people I know it’s not too bad, I get used to their energy around me and can just keep it flowing kind of like a circle so nothing weighs me down. Since it’s familiar it doesn’t cause anxiety.

I’d also say use a necklace or something like that as well. You can empower it and touching it can help you refocus if you start to feel overwhelmed.
And meditation does really help too.


i think the physical object will help im not sure about vamperisum i havent tried that kinda of magic yet thank you


I don’t recommend Vampirism starting out unless you’re good with energy manipulation but the other stuff should help if you keep at it.
I do hope it helps, it is rough.


thank you


Me personally, I am very stubborn, and I find that helping people, does have its drawbacks I will blindly fight and keep going, god, man, woman or animal can not stop me if I have that mindset! But over the years I have found, it’s like a symbiotic relationship, I find myself balancing, there feelings. Completing what they cannot, which ends up them relying on me more, it is kinda a vampire situation, mostly I am drawn to timid or emotionally scared, withdrawn people, who themselves are fed off by another individual…


Another thing I have found is, people I have never met, or have dreamed about, and when I do meet them…claim that they know me, they say “I’m sure I know you, like I’ve known you for years” and start telling me personal things that part of me already knows, but part of me is wondering why they our telling me, it’s like a confession for some people, and at times my mind is screaming, for them to just leave me alone! Crazy! I seen you both posted about charms pendants and animal spirits? Explain please? Thanks


I have been scanned by two different people, and the same theme has came up! The ocean, water! I have looked into it, is this common to other people like myself who have deja vu?


So Odnann was joking about water earlier. To tell you the truth it doesnt mean anything to me. But maybe it can mean something literal such as moving to the West or East coast of your country where there is water.

Good luck with whatever it is as I dont work with that element. Earth is more my thing.


I am an earth sign! So why does water keep coming up?


Depends on what your doing or looking for. Water means what to you?


I feel happy by the ocean, I love water, hard to describe feelings…I’m sorry.


Oh ok. Maybe then you see water because you were repressing those feelings.


Will you do a scan on me then? See what you uncover?


Oh sorry. I dont do scans or psychic readings (for certain reasons), and anything I do give is usually channeled by spirits.

But I will say this, is its hard to interpret unless you give more information on your project, because it provides context so people can read you better.


I have no project! I am just trying to make sense, of what I feel, know trying to work out what is going on! I have repressed what you people call a blessing, I classed as a curse…i have certain qualities, I am a working man, working class, this stuff is laughed at from were I’m from…but I still know what I experience, is truth! I have had this from childhood, and I was, told not to open my mouth!


Does this have a relation to when you scanned me on the scans and deals thread? If so then that worries me a bit. I hope it doesn’t.:disappointed_relieved:


Everyone has a project. Its the journey we undertake as well as our goals, hopes and wishes.


What you just asked me, made me think for a second then? Did I, input my feelings desires on your scan? I do doubt myself at times yano! I Carnt tell my own feelings, But to put your mind at rest, NO! the reason why is I sensed you, not me! Think maybe it’s your problem rubbing off on me, common goal maybe? Lol…mmm anyway, why did you ask? I was right wasn’t I? You making excuses not to face this?
Sorry mate. I apologise.


I’m just trying to make sense of this. That’s all! Maybe a journey, I haven’t worked it all out yet