Knowing about future events, deja Vue..sensing and knowing peoples emotions

Hi people, hope you all o.k…i have many dreams, of particular situations im in and people I don’t know… and they end up happening. Also when I meet people, I can feel their state of feelings, a wave of emotions, like reading a book. It’s like even tho they show the face they want people to see. I know different. Sometimes with certain people I Carnt be near them, because to many emotions for me to take in…I feel physically and mentally drained…any advice please?

your an empathy like me it sucks either two things for that walk away stay away or try and comfort those who are sad mad or w.e its an empathy job to do so we are the care givers helpers humanitarian i got over the flow of it by enduring others pain wen they are sad i dont only feel it but i become sad to its away to let out that energy and help that person get over that bump they are feeling friend…if thay are sad i become the we gonna cry together n eat this pop corn to sad movies vent to me ill listen but if you keep mopeing we are gonna have a problem im gonna get you to hve a good tme and put a smile on your face there are many ways to deal with it just take a breath and stay relaxed if i can master it u can to

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Nice one, for reply…I have read bits about empaths, I am new to this stuff. is hard at times, sometimes I try and sort out things. But that can be a mistake for me, because I start to take on the persons feelings and end up fighting their corner, because they Carnt…it’s crazy, depending on the person and their state of emotions, I find that if a person is happy, both me and the person, are to overly happy, to the extreme end, it’s like a surge of energy, what I find helps me is getting different people together that matches their own emotions, so that way I can just slip away and not be involved…saves me alot of headaches.


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lol i know how you feel unfortunately there is no off switch to it but it is a good gift to have you have to settle into it is all meditate try to devolope the calm mind are you n earth sign by chance?

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I have these empathic qualities as well. What I did though, I found that in some quite extreme negative events, it helped me realize how to let go in a way that I could not before. I still feel everything, of course, I just discovered how to master it instead of letting it master me. I learned how to create boundaries, how to care more specifically for myself. At least for me, I don’t know your story, but I used to believe because of the way that I was that I had to give to everyone. I was denying also my darker sides and I was completely out of balance. The repression of these things caused me physical problems, and now I see the importance of it all. I found that, through my embracing my darkness that I truly found myself. By becoming in balance. That it is not a selfish thing as I thought it was. I stopped running around all the time trying to save what was broken, trying to fix it. I realized it was ok to let things be and let someone else find their own healing, and every time that happened, I blossomed further. Of course I still feel it, but that is the nature of reality, and I see now this empathy is just a way for us to see the interconnectedness of all things on a deeper level. It is a way for us to be closer to what I believe is divine. That is just how I see it though.

It’s not easy being an empath, as sometimes it can cause confusion with your emotions… is it your own feelings? is it someone else’s and if its not you then who?.. but as you get used to it, you’ll understand it more and you’ll recognize who’s emotions it is. You need to learn how to protect and ground yourself. Divination, for me helped a lot as well. I can sense it as well when people are lying, and what kind of person they are by looking at them and yes its draining that’s why it’s important to protect and strengthen your aura and learn to ground yourself. I was never big in socializing as a kid and i believe it is my way to protect myself, but i didnt get to understand it until i was a bit older. My clair senses are strong too so at some point when i was way younger and i still didn’t understand it, it caused anxiety and some times i would think i was going mad already. But as you accept it, understand it and learn to use it, you’d appreciate the gifts you have.

I don’t know about appreciate what you call gifts…it’s hardwork, mentally and physically and emotionally draining…annoys me more than anything, that’s why in work etc, I try to avoid working in groups, I try to work by myself…I’m an electrician, not that makes any difference…lol.
.thanks for replying tho. Much appreciated

Empaths are not required to help others.

I try to join these threads because most people think Empaths have to live in constant pain and end up doormats or cowering in their rooms.

I am an Empath and had to learn at a very young age how to live my life with it. I grew up in a very misogynistic family so female emotions were taboo which made the feeling of others emotions also taboo.
Now I’d say I used forms of Vampirism, shielding and recycling of others gunk (possibly grounding) to not be overwhelmed.

Now this stuff hardly bothers me at all. I’ve trained myself to quickly recognize outside emotions, which are just energy, and convert it or reject it.
This doesn’t mean I don’t feel it, it just doesn’t control me, I strive to control it.

I still catch myself doing this at times, it’s not something you can fully escape.

Everyone is Empathic in some form (except psychopaths).


Being Empathic has also hugely helped me in Shamanism. Animal spirits and living animals seem to react much better to emotions then forced thoughts.


Thanks for replying, I think I might become a psychopath

You can’t that a genetic defect (simply put) and they can be heartlessly cruel… It’s kind of the extreme opposite of an Empath (again simply put). They literally care about No One but themselves.

It’s not something you want to be lol.

Working with Empathy isn’t as hard as it sounds. I just try to tell people that they don’t have to settle but can own it with work.

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Lol. I wasn’t being serious, I was just saying it in jest…I have a weird sense of humour! But fair play , you replyed because you were trying to help,… thanks

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Just making sure :wink:

Haha! You got good heart, nice x

your right we dont have to help but…its a curse (for me personally)if i dont i walked passed a girl who i assumed either got into a fight with her boyfriend or some one sitting out side crying face swollen eye black i briefly asked her if she was ok we spoke shortly n i left i wish i would have been able to stay or u know see how she was doing later on idk if my words even helped her this wasnt the only time this is just the lesser brunt of it
i witnessed a very bad car crash running to help but the car was way too mangle to they guy was alive so called 911 multiple times it took an hour for them to come he died

not every emath has a desirer to help ppl they dont know n it isnt our job to but its a rewarding feeling if you did

I do understand the feelings. In my eyes being compelled to help someone for no reason and often times hurting yourself in the long run has never been okay to me so i took steps to make it my choice and not an over whelming compulsion

Most Empath’s I’ve run into are convinced this is their lot in life, they just have to deal or its a curse and i’m saying it only is if you let it be. It’s not easy but with constant practice and effort this can be controllable and not compulsive or painful.