Know thyself, and how to undo negative or self limiting beliefs?

Okay. I expect to give and take respect, but I am doing some self searching, and its come to my attention that among my self known fears and doubts, that the RHP philosophy dominates the chance of integrating proper and positive LHP beliefs.

The question is how do we undo negative, RHP, or self limiting beliefs?


Example: Hell and eternal torture. When I was a child, I grew up in a Baptist church. My family wasn’t overly religious, but we were encouraged to integrate what we learned in the church.
Until one day a missionary from a return from Haiti, had us watch a film on voodoo practices. Likely where my fear of integrating that stems from. People were burning and screaming as they burned. It traumatized all children in the church, and parental outrage made us leave that church. I struggle with this every single day, and I want to release and banish that fear. I guess the IOB approach here.


The very first step is to identify the fear or self limiting idea, habit or learned behavior.

Once you are fully aware of what it is, the error it contains, and how this effects you negatively you can resolve to change your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes or behaviors about something.

LHP philosophy is empowering and enabling us to be our strongest, best self.


I found a few lists of common and some unknown (such as a dying patient) fears. Will work on them.

I agree, the RHP seems to make you dependent on others or a deity, while the LHP is a path of independence.


“Respect nor pity the weak, for they are a disease which makes weak the strong.”

A strong understanding of the self, your essence and goals in life should naturally remove you from wanting to be RHP in nature, so far that you will no longer respect those who are.

A lot of the time, those who encourage you to be RHP in nature are people who wanted to be controlled and guided themselves, so much so that in order to justify such a path, they force it upon others.


Constant re-evaluation. When I was unlearning learned behavior, I would catch myself in fear or disdain against demons/deities/other’s beliefs unlike my own and I would force myself to think why I felt that way, why does it matter to me, etc.

It doesn’t really disappear over night. It’s an intrusive thought or kneejerk reaction that provides an opportunity to learn about yourself and what path you can take going from there.

I think overtime you can find yourself improving from these behaviors even at the time it doesn’t feel like you’re improving at all. Maybe writing these things down, reflecting, and returning to it at a later time may compartmentalize these issues into focal points for you.

Either way, I wish you luck on your journey. (:




One of the reasons I’m here is to unlearn all the bullsh!t I was taught growing up. It’s insidious. TV shows, books, movies, music, art. It’s so deeply ingrained that the whole foundation of your worldview will be built on fear mongering and dogma.

Being here has been a welcomed eye opener. Fear is definitely used to control people and once you become aware you’ll start to see how it is weaponized every day.


Right here. You can regard this as magick performed against you, and make no mistake Christian magick is as cruel, harsh and inhumane as any other psychotic magick, RHP doesn’t mean good or kind. A binding of sorts or a curse. it’s not the concept that’s the problem, but the way it was embedded like a parasite into your psyche.

Whether you see it as a curse to hexbreak, a parasite to kill or a binding to undo, this is probably a good place to start.


I like Jesus, and follow God according to my beliefs.

One thing you must ALWAYS ask yourself when dealing with the threat of eternal torture in hell is:

“Would this god really be worth worshipping?”

I never believed in the eternal torture in the afterlife for not following certain rules set by hypocritical Abrahamic dogma followers.

I suggest you look into esoteric Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

It’s hard, I know. The uncertainty of what happens after death scares people, especially when they’ve been fed ideas of eternal torture.

But I don’t believe God to be like this, although I too sometimes am not sure.

I do know one thing though. If I live my life morally right, and help people, but don’t follow the rules the church or other people claim God wants me to follow, and when I die I’ll end up in eternal torture, there was no point in me even following God because my morals surpassed him.

How many atheist are good people yet they are told by Christians constantly that if they don’t accept Jesus they’ll burn in hell, that’s not love. That’s dictatorship. A god who loves you would never offer you a bribe or blackmail for his love in exchange for peaceful afterlife.


I recommend performing a ritual against this to break free from your past negative beliefs. Now it’d not easy and there are times these beliefs do pop up but their impact is pretty much useless on you.

I had to deal with fears of karma and plantery Gods and my ritual with Fenrir and his sons broke any influence those false ideologies had on my mind.

This is a common tactic used. Fear. I remember in a mostly Christian school I went to, they showed disturbing images of Satan and calming pictures of Jesus. It’s a tactic. Nothing more. Like I said I had to break through these fears too and one in my past Hindu beliefs is some books on Hindu Hell which includes been thrown into a river of disgusting shit. The major thing is to ask yourself is this remotely possible? Is it possible to be bound to a lake of fire (or in my case shit) for eternity without some higher deity binding you there? And even if some deity decided to do that to you, your personal Deities would probably step in or you’d discover your Godly power and break out. Easier said than done

I do recommend a ritual though. It does work wonders and then some shadow work.


What ritual would you recommend the OP?


Depending on the current op works with they should pick entities of destruction and / or those that break free of various chains or obstacles in their lore.

It’s important to note that you are not destroying the entity or religion but rather the limits and influence it has over you.

Call on these entities. Use the wording you feel right and just allow yourself to feel the ritual. It may feel very uncomfortable. In my case I felt my joints and muscles shift almost and while it hurt it felt like a good stretch after that and the influence was removed.

Do it as you feel called and also if you don’t want to work with a spirit call on your higher self or the most high


The whole catching on fire thing is a thing. I hate to say it, but I went through that great initiation. I was relieved to find that I was not literally burned from it. (made worse by the fact I soloed it instead of doing it in some cult like voodoo)

In terms of understanding where Christian ritual is coming from, you can watch my video series here. Baptism - YouTube

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