Know the right question to ask

How do you go about knowing the right questions to ask? Whether it be asking a demon or human. I sometimes find myself wanting to simply learn but cant find what im looking for. Or ill feel as if i already know the answer but dont feel as if its a complete answer. I constantly have the urge to look for an answer i dont know the question to.( If that makes sense) i have come very far in a year but i know im missing something but i dont know what. And it bugs the shit out of me. So my fellow magicians how do you all go about finding the right question. And please dont say theres no such thing as a wrong one.


Sometimes it helps to just talk through it with someone. @valkarath, has been very helpful with me in that respect.


Thanks, @Eye_of_Ra. Glad I could help. Talking to people about this stuff helps me stay grounded.


The right question for me is the one that leads me to accomplishing my own personal goals. That’s my anchor, that’s what keeps me focused.

I could float off into “La-La-Land” and lose myself if I didn’t keep coming back to “How do I apply this information to accomplish my personal goals and make my life here better?” If I can’t, I just let the info go until it makes sense to me or I discover that I need it.

Staying focused on taking the steps to accomplish goals that make your life better help you avoid the traps you can fall into when you practice magick.


Thanks for the help brother and sister


For myself I like to start with basic goal setting.
Though this may see rudimentary it helps me a lot to ground myself and stay as focused and streamlined as possible. This is important because my personality type is more free flowing spur of the moment to the point of recklessness.

So start with basic questions, what do you want? From this ritual from this entity from life from learning magick what skills etc etc.

Why do you want it. Few people actually ask themselves this question which is a tragedy because this is what actually sustains people long term on any endeavour is they answer subconsciously or consciously. Reasons come first before you figure out the how, the how is usually easy, find someone who did it before you and do exactly what they did.
Change it later if you want.
If you got enough reasons filled with enough emotion you’ll find a way to make it happen.

E.g. Why do I want to master evocation and magick?
A1) I dunno I guess it’ll be cool to see spirits and shit.

Not gonna move you

A2) To facilitate communication with entities that enable me to achieve the desired outcome in different life situations.

Better at least you what you want but still ehh too robotic not gonna really gonna sustain or drive or inspire passion.

A3) To have pride!!! To have power!!! To be a bad ass mutha that won’t take crap out of nobody!!!
To have complicate controll over all aspects of my reality that I wish. this plane and all others this life and others!!!
Hell yeah motheerfuckers!!!