Know if someone is still alive... or not

So how do you check if someone is still alive? but not physically like what if i wanna kill someone on the other side of the globe? How do i magickally check?

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Evoke the entity to iu asked to assist you.
You are better off not trying to finding ouy but be thankful for your successes

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Tatot card, pendulum. Or evoke a spirt. If u see a sign
Give thanks and repeat. Maybe if look here u can find some books of gallery of magick. Or see a angel yo let u knw.

Yeah but let’s say i’m killing without the help of an entity how do i know, soul travel? Radionics? tarot card and pendulum doesn’t seem to be the most accurate or is it? What if i wanna kil some bad guys to practice? WHat’s the best way to keep feedback and know when its dead?

(The response are good, but i wanna know more methods)

I think scanning is the way to go about it.