Know any Demon which can help me with food?

I always wanted to do food business. I found some people who are great chefs but they are new. I have found new place for a full sized restaurant which will be ready by next year. for then i have started experimenting and studying about food.i am wanting to make a totaly new style of food. So i need mentorship of a entity or demon which can help me in making totaly new recipies. do anyone know any spirit or demon who have a wide knowledge of food?


By Franz Burdon:



Or Beelzebub demon of gluttony.


First, take a moment to recognize you deserve congratulations on realizing what it is you want to do! That is something most people struggle with, so I just want you to know that is recognized and i’m rooting for you 100% over here!
That being said, the Goetic Demon Duke, AIM comes to mind as one who aides in creativity, inspiration, removing blocks as well as bringing out your hidden talents which are those for helping you excel tremendously and with ease in any social setting (such as a place people gather to dine). Secondly, the Hindi Goddess, Annapurna, is a Goddess of food and nourishment. I know your post specifically requested “demons”, but she is motherly and nurturing and so I just wanted to also offer that as an option being that food is her specialty. One of the freedoms we enjoy not being constrained by religious dogma of the blind faiths of the sheep, we are not limited to working with only one entity and no other. I hope that this reply serves you well. Hell Bless!


Hi. Did you work with Spirits of bardons book?

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i am a hindu but i feel guilty when i talk with hindu gods and godesses actually its a long story,if i would work with them it would be a another story(hinduism has over 5 million dieties and entities). i also dont wanna talk to another,i really dont have plans to work with gods.

Not yet but its in my plans.

Can you share your experience?

Demeter while not a Demon can help.

I have nothing to add as far as what demon to summon, I just wanted to say good luck with your business & best wishes. What an exciting career choice. :bouquet:

I’m not a demon, but i have about a decade working in resturaunts, from cook, to head grill, to sous chef, and any odd job in between (the horror stories :sob: ) but I’d be happy to answer questions if you have any, I’ve seen a lot of folks resturaunts fail over the same mistakes and mismanagement

i need demon for just making recipies not for running restaurant.yeah i know running restaurant is really hard.i have to really leave my job for it.

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i really have a exiting carrer choice now.but i think restaurant would me more interesting.maybe i may not earn as much as i am earning at first but i know i will love it


Honestly sometimes just making really good food is enough and what people want out of restaurants, they don’t want anything new.

I’ve had a restaurant, and the tried and true what what most people wanted.

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If you need help crafting recipes, Belphegor immediately comes to mind. He is sharp-minded and creative, and since he is said to be the demon of sloth, I feel like he’d be the one to consult about creating savory, comforting dishes.

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