Knight Musings


The usual mantras and meditation.

Did a channeling of Belial for someone as part of my spooky season offering. It was an interesting experience. It was difficult getting into the right state of mind and opening myself up though. There was quite a bit of internal resistance.

And the adventures continue to flow forth.



Mantras and meditation. I’ve been feeling nauseous at random times during the day. I think I’m overloading myself again. Whoops.

I’ve also been lax with fulfilling my spooky season offering so I’m now behind in my requests. Looks like I have a week full of rituals ahead of me. Another whoops.

sigh The adventures never end.



Still working with the mantras and meditations.

Performed a ritual from Universal Magick by Corwin Hargrove. Came out with a headache :joy:

There’s been a lot of energies around me lately. More so than I usually sense because of my shielding. There are many forces at work it seems.

And the multidimensional adventures in consciousness continue.


24/10/23 & 25/10/23

It’s been all mantra all the time! :joy:

Sometimes I wonder what my roommate thinks about all the chanting. Probably thinks I’m a weirdo :joy:

The adventures continue.


26/10/23 and 27/10/23

Focus has been on the mantras and subliminal tracks and I’ve been neglecting the requests for my spooky season offering so i will have to be a bit more disciplined to get them all done. I don’t think I will complete them all by the end of the month but i will get them done. Designing the rituals is a bit time consuming though.

Still sensing quite a lot of energies around me. There is definitely a strong flow moving about my reality right now. Nothing is hitting my shielding though so there doesn’t appear to be any malefic or baneful forces involved.

My adventures in multidimensionality continue unabated.


28/10/23 & 29/10/23

The last few days have been pretty busy with my mundane job. Lots of things needing done and problems to solve. The new AD is apparently trying to bankrupt the company with his overspending. Still keeping up with the mantras and meditations to the subliminal tracks though.

Onward to adventure!



In Batman we trust.



An uneventful Halloween day. Continued with the mantras and subliminal tracks.

Did a channeling with Papa Legba in the evening, and got a bit of a talking to from him for my lack of follow through on my promises. To be honest, I’ve been lazy and undisciplined when it comes to focusing exclusively on any one current for a length of time. While I was working intensively with the angels over the last several years, I was also calling upon demons, the Lwa and a couple of Greek gods on occasion, for example. Walking mainly the middle path, I’ve been quite hesitant to throw myself too deeply into a single current.

And the adventures go on.


The middle path is very pragmatic. What makes you want to throw yourself into a single current? Are you curious that the results may be more fruitful?

There’s a quote in one of EA’s early books that deeply resonated with me. I can’t find the exact quote but it said something along the lines of “there’s something to be said for descending deep into the darkness and then soaring high into the light, before settling down into the balance of the middle” or something to that effect.


Interesting. So basically, Qliphoth, Sephiroth, and then finally the marriage of the two.

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I’ve read EA’s books, I don’t think he was referring to the trees specifically.

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1/11/23 & 2/11/23

Work has been keeping me busy having to deal with the stupidity of others. It honestly makes me want to go on a bitch slapping rampage to knock some sense into certain people :joy:

I’ve been looking for ways to ground my magick into the physical. My focus for the last few years has been primarily centered on pathworking, meditation and mantras, ie mental/astral magick, so I want to start incorporating my body more into my rituals. Donald Tyson has a book on using posture and gestures called Kinesic Magic that I might check out for some ideas.

More adventures to come.






Well, life has been keeping me busy and magick has kind of taken a backseat hence not updating this journal for almost two weeks. I’m still trying to finish up the rituals for my spooky season offering though. I had hoped to successfully finish them all in October but that obviously didn’t work out.

I’ve been sensing a lot of energies around me quite a bit and there has been…something…just outside my shielding on a couple of occasions. It didn’t seem to be trying to get through or anything, it was just sort of hanging out, I guess. Weird.

Jazzy, my feline servitor that was a gift from a friend, has also been prowling around. I don’t know if she’s always been this active and I’m just now picking up on it or if she’s getting bored out of her head because I haven’t worked with her much but her presence has been felt quite strongly lately.

The adventures continue.



My powers are expanding. I am definitely more open than usual. I’m a naturally grounded person and my shielding doesn’t help matters by cutting me off from a lot of external energies, but my awareness of the ebb and flow of my environment has increased considerably. I’m even seeing little flashes of colour in the air out of the corner of my eye on occasion.

I think I’m going to work with the army of servitors I have at my disposal for my next big operation. I’ve been pretty neglectful of them. The only thing I need to figure out is what exactly I’m going to work with them towards. There are so many things I want to bring into existence that it’s hard to choose what to put the focus on. Fortunately, my servitors are pretty versatile so I probably won’t have to make a decision about it :stuck_out_tongue:

And the adventures shamble forth unabated.


21/11/23 & 22/11/23

Not much to report. Things are progressing albeit slowly. Mundane life has been keeping me occupied with a variety of problems to solve. Sometimes it sucks to be good at what you do so everything gets dropped on you :joy:

More multidimensional adventures to come.



Does anyone else randomly throw chi balls at their walls? 'Cause I do :joy:


1/12/23 & 2/12/23

A new month begins. I’ve started @Keteriya 's 12 month servitor project, and am beginning with Andrea, the servitor for December. Nothing to report as of yet, but I’m going to be using her to help maintain emotional equilibrium and for motivation to be more productive. Where I live, the lack of sunlight during the winter months tends to aggravate my chronic depression and with my work responsibilities few and far between for the month, I don’t really have anything to get me up and active so hopefully Andrea will help.

I’m still experimenting with some subliminal tracks here and there. I’ve been focusing on a few for reversing the ageing process and am curious about how they will work alongside the anti-ageing mantra I got from Raziel.

My adventures in the multiverse continue.


3/12/23 & 4/12/23

Mood has been alright, with only a few moments of feeling low. I am waking up a bit more motivated so I think Andrea is definitely on the job. Work has slowed down, though, so there isn’t much for me to do in the day.

I’ve been listening to a few frequencies on YouTube along with the subliminals. No obvious effect to report, beyond some good relaxation so far. I’m also implementing the Law of Assumption into my daily practices.

And the multidimensional adventures continue.