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Do you have some explanation of what the Lwa are?

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11/2/23 & 12/2/23

It’s been very busy for me in the mundane lately.

Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for twenty minutes each.

Elemental meditation for about ten minutes.

Daily practice from Wealth Magick whenever I could grab some time.

Added the dark empowerment to the Lwa rituals on Saturday, but was so tired after work that I forgot to do any of the empowerments on the yesterday.

End of the adventures.



The work just never ends! :joy:

Managed to chant the spiritual perfection mantra for thirty minutes and that’s about it. I had a day full of errands and assignments so didn’t do much else. I tried to do the Daily Practice while out and about but was unable to focus long enough to get into the proper mindset.

Remaining in a magical mindset outside of ritual still remains an elusive accomplishment for me. I just get too easily drawn into the mundane when I’m engaged in a task.

The adventures continue.


DK, how do you shift gears from chanting to mundane life sir?

This has always been the problem for me. I’m able to go into trances readily but to go back to regular functions of mind has been such a difficult challenge lately…

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I have the opposite problem to the one you describe. Dropping back into the mundane is an easy shift of focus for me. It’s holding the altered state while engaging in everyday life which I struggle with.


I truly can’t enjoy when being in altered state and then bumping into groups whose frequencies are the opposite of ours. Their group vibration doesn’t approve of the self-hypnosis for wealth building and forcing myself into new habit formation. That’s it’s entire purpose and it’s been a progressive snowballing of new paradigm after paradigm shift. I can’t just take on an entirely foreign concept that belongs to that group instantaneously, because I’d have to settle back into its auric field, so to speak, while also maintaining both focus on the tasks ahead of and before myself, AND maintain my autosuggestion in the background while guarding the gates of my mind against sabotaging influences from this environment.

I’m on a primary objective with side tasks assigned to it mentally. I also have real world mundane problems to handle up on in the natural world by way of natural means. That means job tasks and work performance.

That means conflict resolution and that’s means interpersonal relationship skills, all while developing the running narratives in the back of the mind and all in maintaining the spell crafting I’ve been working out, all while keeping up with the progress of mantras and things.

So yes, I wear it on the nose sometimes.

You could see the aging in my face recently if you knew me. It’s an enormous task to use wealth creation tactics of an occulted nature. It’s stressful to see the vision and have it just beyond our grasp and have everyone else in some form of fashion condemning and sending shadows at that occult insight.


Mantras and meditation. Spiritual perfection mantra and physical vitality mantra for thirty minutes. The Daily Practice from Brand’s Weath Magick, and meditation to a binaural track for an hour.

Performed the Lwa banishing ritual, and the protection, mind, and dark empowerments before bed. Fell asleep to a binaural track to stimulate lucid dreams.

End of the day’s adventures.



Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for twenty minutes each.

I keep forgetting to fit the elemental meditation into my day somewhere. I get distracted with mundane stuff and finding time to do the meditation slips from my thoughts.

Performed the banishing, protection, mind, and dark empowerments with the Lwa before bed, and fell asleep to a lucid dreaming binaural track.

End of the day’s adventures.



Mantras and meditation. Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for thirty minutes. 1 hour meditation to a binaural track.

Elemental meditation for fifteen minutes.

Loa empowerments before bed.

And the adventures roll on.


17/2/23 & 18/2/23

Primarily mantras and meditation. Been too busy for anything else. Got inebriated and forgot to do the Lwa empowerments.

I can sense movement around me. Forces are moving things into place. All I can say is it’s about time.

Fell asleep to a binaural track.

End of the days’ adventures.





More mantras and meditation. Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for twenty minutes each. Meditation to a binaural track for an hour.

Some energy work and sexual alchemy practices before bed.

Fell asleep to a subliminal track to end the day’s adventures.



Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for twenty minutes.

Elemental meditation for about ten minutes. I’m finding it most difficult to connect with the element of Water because I often feel like I am cut off from any real emotion or feeling.

The daily practice from Wealth Magick and meditation to a binaural track for an hour.

Lwa empowerments and sexual alchemy practice before bed.

End of the adventures.


21/2/23 & 22/2/23

Spiritual perfection and physical vitality mantras for thirty minutes.

Meditation to a binaural track for an hour.

The repetitive nature of what I’ve been doing for the last year has started to feel like a chore and I’m losing interest. I’m not sure where to take my magick now, but I’m considering focusing on some pure theurgy for a while. I’d like to get better at the assertion of will without the intercession of spirits.

Ended the days’ adventures with some sexual alchemy and falling asleep to an ascension subliminal.



The usual mantras and meditation. I can feel things shifting, and my daily life is beginning to feel a bit surreal. Life is going well; money is flowing to me regularly, more so than before. My energy is a little drained, though. I’m working a lot, and the mental stress gets exhausting sometimes.

My New Year’s offering to members of the forum was a success, and I hope those who made requests get some good results from the work.

With my prosperity workings finally beginning to bear fruit, perhaps it’s time to turn my attention to some love magick. I’ve never really felt a need for it so it’s a bit of a weakness of mine and my skills could probably use some sharpening in that area.

End of the adventures.



A busy day, mundane wise. Only managed the spiritual perfection mantra for twenty minutes or so in the morning, and then meditation to a binaural for an hour in the evening.

I mentioned I was thinking about possibly doing some love magick in my last journal entry and today I picked up on several women checking me out. Synchronicity be funny that way sometimes.

Finished the day’s adventures with falling asleep to an ascension subliminal track.


25/2/23 & 26/2/23

I’ve taken a break from the angelic mantras. I think I need a reset, maybe to work on something else for a while. I’ve used the mantras daily for so long, though, that they automatically come into my mind at random times throughout the day with the sudden urge to chant them.

I’m still torn as to in what direction to take my magick. I have so many books I could work through and so many paths that look interesting that I have a bad case of analysis paralysis. Of course, that’s just an excuse. There are many forces and powers vying for my attention, so I just need to make a choice and move forward.

And the adventures continue.


27/2/23 and 28/2/23

I’ve had a few successes with instant manifestation through pure assertion of will. I seem able to influence random events fairly easily, but directly influencing people is appearing to be a bit more difficult.

I’m slowly rewriting the rules of my reality. It’s a work in progress, though, pulling on each strand that makes up my life, and deciding whether to strengthen it or sever it and each part having a direct effect on the others. It gets tedious at times but i don’t want to collapse the whole thing. Not yet, anyway.

I’m still struggling to maintain the god-state while bogged down in the minutia of the current reality. It’s far too easy to put the focus fully on the mundane tasks than to keep it on the Eternal reality at the same time as engaging in those tasks.

The adventures continue.


Pure assertion of will… please don’t spare any detail. Share sir.


Had another fulfillment of instant manifestation of will. I needed to pick up some papers and the particular government building I had to go to was always crowded with a usual wait time of an hour or more, so as I was walking, I took a breath, closed my eyes for a brief moment and visualized walking through the door to an empty place, with no line up. I held the image for a blink and decreed out loud that when I arrived, there would be no one waiting. Then I let it go.

When I got there, the place was completely empty, and I only had to wait five minutes before being able to pick up my paperwork.

After taking a few days off from the angelic mantras, I decided to experiment with the soul travel mantra. I haven’t really worked with it so I figured it might be fun to play with. I chanted it for about twenty minutes, and I felt a definite energy spread across my scalp and down my spine. I got a slight headache as well. I didn’t do any travelling though.

End of the day’s adventures.