Kitsune Hunting My Family : Continuous Dreams

I had continues dreams about an animal that is very similar to the Kitsune.
The animal appeared in white and sometimes in light yellow. He had multiple tails and a fox nose.
His teeths were long and sharp. He was super fast, like lightening fast in his movements and he had the ability to float and fly.

The short story of the dreams that I had was him attacking me and my family members.
He tried to attack me and snap my face with his massive mouth and teeth, I tried to resist and fight him with old tricks, a kitchen knife.
Fortunately the dream ended before him eating me. In another dream, he came chasing me while I was in the garden, and I escaped inside the house. He was able to enter easily like as if he had the ability to pass through the walls.
My family tried to fight with me, but then they were his victims. I was scared, but at the same time very angry and I had that flame and that courage inside of me to go and battle him till the end.
I prepared my self, I created a sharp wooden spear from the house cleaning tools, and I picked up the emergency gun that I have, then here at this point the dream always ends before a conclusion.

I had many dreams about this, and all of them share the same story, a kitsune hunting me and my family.
What do you think? share your thought.

Banish and cleanse yourself and your home.

If you work with any demons who you really trust, ask them to protect you from this kitsune while your dreaming. But don’t let these experiences frighten you away from all kitsune, because there are plenty of good ones out there. But as I said before, banish and cleanse.

@matrix77 I think the dream kitsune is trying to warn you that someone around you is masquerading as a friend but is really using that mask to spread malice or discord.


Interesting …
but then If we wants to help me why he would attack me?

I’d do mental banishing and external banishing just to make sure it’s not simply your dreams or something else.

Usually a kitsune with white fur means it has reached enlightenment (at least in their own way and by lore)


It’s unlikely to be a random dream because it’s repetitive and all dreams share similarities.

In the very first dreams, I saw him very small and very young, but then dream after dream he came to me stronger, faster and huge in size like as if he peaked (matured) over the time.

A dream being repetitive doesn’t exactly make it any less normal, which is why I said to make sure by doing a mental banishing as well.

A lot of the time, dreams are symbolic. Dreams are our brain’s way of reflecting on life and telling you that something isn’t right. If they’re recurring, that means there’s something in your waking life that you need to keep an eye out for.

Kitsune (or foxes) can mean wisdom and intelligence, but it can also means deception. Your family being murdered could either mean that you are seeking control in certain aspects of life or that there’s an issue going on between them.

I suggest you study these dreams and try to understand what it is your brain is trying to tell you.

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Kurama Vibes

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Sure. There are also times when dreams are a reaction or an interpretation of what is happening to you in real-time. For instance, if you were sleeping and the oxygen is blocked and your body is unable to breath, your brain wil create a dream of you drowning in the sea, so you will wake up and help yourself.

Because it’s symbolic it’s taking the form of the person. On the outside the person gives the impression of being friendly and close, but underneath it means you harm. Foxes are sly and cunning. So this person has the same characteristics being nice to your face but doing shit behind your back.