Kitsune and other Japanese Creatures

Has anyone ever worked with them? Just wondering, hopefuly Ill be working with a Kitsune soon so Id like to know if anyone can share sometging about them. Thanks!

I have not worked with them that I know of before, but I hear they are somewhat of an enigma. Some legends say they can be of great benefit to their lovers, others say they like to play tricks on people, others say they are like energy vampires draining you sexually as you sleep with them. The funny thing is, I think one may be in touch with me now or is trying to get in touch with me after I asked for a suitable spirit lover in meditation that would be good for me and my magical path. Right after asking that, I saw a beautiful voluptuous woman with a fury tail and sometimes seeming to have furry animal-like ears and their was a playfulness and innocence about her as well. I immediately thought of a Kitsune and now all of a sudden I’m being drawn back into Ninjutsu and have been led to certain books on it and their magic as well. The spirit keeper site called Creepy Hollows has some info on them and supposedly you can order a spirit of one from them as well. May I ask how you plan on contacting one or working with one?

I also vaguely remember seeing a post of someone else having a relationship with one, which he was using for spiritual alchemy and having a good time with…I think it was under a spirit sex section on this forum or something like that.

Have you been watching Teen Wolf? I just binge watched the first 4 seasons last week. She might get her own Kitsune centric spinoff show.

I’ve only ever heard of a Kitsune on the show Supernatural. Didn’t think they actually existed, in any form.

I have worked with them before, in fact, I have 2 living with me, Most Kistune are mischievous and love to play tricks. Pm me if you want to know more.

Again, this site is pretty cool: