Kitāb al-Fihrist - Unlocking the aspects of the 71 Jinn (and then some)

Oh. Zuhal is about to come next.

Linking this dream and my reflection about it from another journal in here, there could be a hidden context waiting for the next session.

Since I will meet up with Zuhal tomorrow (how fitting) I did some homework in the background for this. I decided to let all of the saturnian stuff doing its thing instead of resisting it. As I did all my life, ironically enough I’ve always tried to hide in plain sight; as if being a part of these matters would make me somehow invisible.

Tarot spread that I will take into the session with Zuhal, to discuss one or two things.

  • What role does this influence play in my life, right now? Two of Wands in reverse
  • How did this influence affected my past? The hanged man - Right in the feels, mate.
  • What about this influence is hidden from me The hermit - Is this some kind of dad joke?
  • How will this influence challenge me if I decide to give in? King of Swords in reverse - It…could be worse.
  • How can I use the full potential of this influence? Seven of Wands in reverse - You did a sneaky on me here, hm?

Despite everything I am looking forward to our little chat.


Todays unlocking session: Zuhal (زحل )

Right before the session I felt tired, out of the blue. So tired that I was afraid to doze off on the spot. So I told Zuhal that I would probably slip away any given second and that I’d like to reschedule our meeting. The offerings, the candles and the incense would be hers to take.

I dozed off into a light slumber, my altar room somehow blended into a modern looking study room with a very organized desk (so its REALLY not mine, ha), two bookshelves, one bed and one couch. I was laying on the couch, the sound of raindrops against the window while somebody typed something on the laptop that was sitting on the desk lulled me into a comfortable nothingness.
The chair in front of the desk was empty; the typing continued and when I sat up to catch a glimpse of the laptops display I’ve noticed a very tall woman flipping through a book in front of one of the shelves.

The woman turned around; she must have been in her early to mid 40s. She had long and curly dark hair, a dark skin tone and eyes like coal. She was wearing a long black Chiton with a matching Himation. No jewellery, no bling. A sense of relief came over me that Zuhal didn’t choose the appearance of an old and naked man with a taste for sharp agricultural equipment and the blood of his descendants.

She put the book back on the shelf and sat down on the bed across the room.
A large glass orb appeared on her lap; it was filled with dark smoke that moved lazily inside. Before continuing with the unlocking I had a very urgent request; I asked her if I could touch her clothes. She let me take the fabric of her Himation into my hand; it felt much more sturdy and heavy and rough than it looked like. I memorized the texture.

The typing on the laptop continued while I started to ask her my questions. I asked her why this influence is still with me; “I won’t let you move to anything else because you belong here.”

If thats the case: what kind of influence over certain aspects do I have, at all?
“Every influence. Look what has happened from your own influence and your own will alone”
Yes, but…why not letting me completely off the hook, then? “Because the organism and the flesh are inseparably intertwined; they are giving life to each other”

Lady, literally everything withers under my care. There is no life giving.
“Thats your part in the course of all natural things”
It sounds convincing but everything probably does when you are locked inside of a nap while having this convo. I ask her about my Hanged Man and Hermit.
“This is no prison. It is your very own domain. Currently it is like you are hiding inside of your own house from yourself.”

She has a point and I know it. But I don’t necessarily like it.
I ask her for the unlocking process; she holds out her arm and I grab it. I notice fine black lines around her wrists. A white energy that is structured like large reptilian scales is creeping from her arm to mine. It engulfs my right arm with a pleasant little buzz before it dissipates. Before I can give her my thanks I wake up in front of my offering table.


Jinn for knowledge and retention in school. Which will you recommend? And recipes for summoning please.
My memory…oooh. can’t talk

@Musty Please make a proper introduction post about yourself here:

Its mandatory and I’ve noticed you haven’t introduced yourself yet :+1:

If you’re seeking a Jinn for knowledge I would recommend Barqan, as the old tradition is describing him as a spirit assigned to the planet Mercury.

You will find plenty of information about the basics of spirit calling and communication on this forum :slight_smile: Click on the magnifying glass on the top right and search for keywords of your interest or start here:

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@Musty Thanks for introducing yourself :slight_smile:

Now to your questions about this:

Since you’ve stated that you’re a beginner I would recommend a very simple yet effective technique. Its a so called petition spell; its a bit like writing a letter of your intent to Barqan, stating what you need. It doesn’t require open senses (which you would need if you want to figure out if -for example- a summoning or evocation or invocation is actually taking place) and it doesn’t require to study and make sense of old hermetic literature :slight_smile:

It doesn’t require fancy tools (which is a nice side effect if you are broke or if you are living with religious family members or if you don’t have access to these things for other reasons) and its a highly valued method of beginners and experienced practicioners alike :slight_smile:

DarkestKnight made a wonderful and comprehensive thread about this technique, you can read in detail what you need, what to do and what to expect :slight_smile:

If you want to surround yourself with things that are corresponding to the energy of Barqan I could recommend things that correspond to the planet of Mercury. Herbs like Anise or Fenugreek or Dill are not only household items but are corresponding to the quality of Mercury :slight_smile: If you like you could use these herbs (or one of them) as an offering to Barqan in addition :slight_smile:


Thanks for the nice replies @A_Pariah
Is the above invocation for summoning all spirits or confined to barqan? Regards

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The petition spell is for all spirits or energies that you need help from :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have checked. And nevertheless,basing on Barqan, you seem knowledgeable @A_Pariah
Mind dropping me invocation lines.
Just want it to go right.
Professional like you might be of great help.
I don’t doubt. Blessings :revolving_hearts:

@A_Pariah Really enjoying and taking inspiration from this log, thanks!

Did I read right that you did the same kind of thing with the Goetia? I can’t find that thread – do you have a link?

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You’re right, because there is no thread :slight_smile: I have never posted about it and I am still conflicted if I should. Right now I feel more comfortable to keep it off forum and away from Google :sweat_smile:

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Can’t argue with that!

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Like clockwork. It does not necessarily scare me anymore because by now I had my share of reversed King of Swords - scenarios and I’ve learned to deal with them.

After the unlocking with Zuhal I had recurring dreams about being abducted as a child. I remember these dreams, they have been really persistent when I was a kid (partly because there was one incident when someone actually tried to lure me into their car).

This time I was able to “grow out” of my abductors confinements and crush his face into a wall. Surprise.

I think that this plays into the “You still have control over everything after giving in” part, that she mentioned:

And now I believe her.


Some days ago I made actual use of channeling my hate; a hate that seemingly hit me out of the blue. In hindsight it wasn’t out of the blue at all, but this might be a story for another time to another pair of eyes or ears :slight_smile:

Instead of letting the feeling go to waste, I did this:

I am still a bit high, to be honest. I had to deal with a feeling of absolute hate today; it welled up inside of my lungs like water. I did not want to let it go to waste by grounding or releasing or any other means. This hate was meant to be used.


Today I decided to channel this feeling to Mazahims suggested liking. And it was something completely else. It felt good, carnal, somewhat natural. Channeling it and deliberately uniting with it made me feel unusually euphoric and focused at the same time. Like that tiny, tingling and sensual moment of climax inside of the head, but not as fleeting.


This transformation was unusual; the force behind it wasn’t lost but nothing else distracted me from making use of it. I was allowed to experience its other nuances without a filter of other negative emotions attached to it.

Today I came to understand that this unlocking cycle and my working with the lataif falls into another time of purging for me. Which is not the first time, I went through many of those the last couple of years (and it was absolutely scary). The difference to back then: I actually do know what happens and why. I am not as distracted by confusion or pain and first-times. I’ve been there, I’ve seen it all, I can simply stand there and let the old attachments burn away from my body and mind in black crumpled flakes without struggling against it. I can experience a more raw form of this now, without too much confusion or uncertainty.

Ever since then the Hermit constantly pops up whenever I do a personal reading for myself, no matter the deck. It also comes up in readings from the hand of other people.

Separation is no prison for someone who seeks to burn in privacy, I suppose.


Todays unlocking session: Wqas (وقاص)

Although I wasn’t familiar with this one I had his name and his presence clinging to me the last couple of days. I would describe it as aloof and in anticipation at the same time, as if he wasn’t sure himself if he wanted to keep his distance or if he wanted the contact.

I took this decision away from him and called him. The visualization process brought me to a poker table. Two women, four men. One of the men immediately had my attention; a dude in his early 50s with short blond hair, a pale complexion, a tired and austere looking face, a white dress shirt with black suspenders and black slacks. I recognized the whiskey on the table beside him; it was the offering whiskey that was standing on my own table in my practice room.

He wasn’t engaged at all into the lively talk at the poker table; he silently stared at his cards. I wasn’t sure if I should address him; the other participants payed no mind to my presence. I decided to wait a little, as I didn’t want to make things awkward.

After a little while (maybe three or so minutes) a seventh person appeared and addressed the participants as “Qaid” and that something demanded their attention immediately. Five of them left the poker table and I decided that this was a sign to approach Wqas. He cut my introduction short as he suddenly stood up and walked over to my side of the table. He gazed down at me with a certain kind of aggressive agitation and uttered: “I am tired of this.”
I asked him to elaborate, still sitting awkwardly on my chair. “This waiting, this stasis.”

I wasn’t quite catching up so he took a green poker chip from the table and pressed it firmly into the palm of my right hand: “I want you to utilize me. End my long wait.”
Everything fell into place after that. I knew exactly what to do with him and why.
I agreed to the deal. He reached for a black Glock that was tucked away inside his waistband. He slowly lifted the weapon up to my forehead. I looked into its barrel and nodded. He cocked the gun and pulled the trigger. There was a loud noise and I could feel a jolt in between my brows and something emerging from out of the back of my head. It forced me out of the visualization, with burning eyes and ringing ears.

Did I just got a viaticum for the ferryman? :slight_smile:


A weird kind of sync. When I was working on my Manipura the other day I found a green parakeet instead of the usual yellow energy flow.

Yesterday I re-read “The conference of the birds” by Attar (I am using the english Penguin translation from 1984).

And welcome, parrot, perched in paradise!
Your splendid plumage bears a strange device,
A necklace of bright fire about the throat;
Though heaven’s bliss is promised by your coat,
This circle stands for hell; if you can flee
Like Abraham from Nimrod’s enmity,
Despise these flames – uninjured will you tread
Through fire if first you cut off Nimrod’s head,
And when the fear of him has died put on
Your gorgeous coat; your collar’s strength has gone!

…which brings me back to the element of fire that is assigned to the Manipura.
And to this:

I suppose that cutting off “Nimrods Head” would be the next best step to take. Which -weirdly enough- aligns with the hunter theme that is symbolically and practically intertwined with the last couple of years and the years to come for me.

Sidenote: ever since Wqas shot me in the head it appears that each and every one of my dreams is painfully lucid. Even the short and superficial ones that come up when you’re having a little nap. I guess that his bullet brute forced a process that I am usually refining with meditation. It is a bit taxing, not going to lie. I’ll have to adjust if it turns out to be a long term effect.


After Zuhal dragged me backwards on my hair through the saturnian shrubbery of my inner and outer world and Wqas bruteforced my dream related perception open I feel kinda ready to move on with the next unlocking.

I spontaneously decided for ‘Ayzar during this mornings workout, with no direct expectations connected to that name.

When I entered the shower I was greeted with “You really need to become uncompromising.” in a thick british accent. Lovely. I asked him if he ever heard about personal space and about what area of uncompromising we are talking about. He cut me right off: “Shush, I am planning out the project already!” Getting shushed in your own shower by an overenthusiastic bri’ish jinn: check.

“If I become even more of that, people will flee from me in horror” I pointed out while washing my hair. Maybe it was the foam in my ears but there was a distinct british “So, whats the difference to now, then?” noise mixing with the water running down the drain. True. But also: rude.

The conversation went along, weighing in the pros and cons of transforming into the epitome of a cold spot in the room. “You are still way too compromisable and unnecessarily balmy, do you know that?” he asked me at the end. No, I did not know that. Its not that there haven’t been any surveys about my supposedly harshness going on, right.

'Ayzar pointed towards the latest embodiment of my fruitless “benefit of the doubt” approach and I did see what he meant. Oh my. I told him I was in.
This is going to be fun.