Kingship chair

So, i’ve came accross the original chair of kingship of my country,
it’s currently owned by a small buisness selling fur.

That Shop is within my home town,
and the mere fact that they have it in private,
instead of it sitting inside of a museum kind of suggest’s me to get it already.
I mean, transfairing it over to a Museum,
maybe it’s worth like half a million or more?
And come on,
It’s a real antiquity,
it should be owned by a Museum,
or a Magician or Noble Man.

They normally wouldn’t set it up for sale,
but today i’ve asked about having it priced.

I’ve suggested naming a number with 4 digits,
and she said, 15 grand, 15’000 for it,
but that already being the deducted price.

Now, in my current business that’s half a year worth of income.

I’m now considering,
whether there is any Magical way to get it,
manifest the cash,
or get someone else to buy it on my behalf.

It’s the original chair,
i can tell by the fine detail artwork,
and the wear down on the wood,
as well as the carefully protected seating fur.

Of course, it may sound kind of silly to attempt getting such an item,
while not actually living in a castle.

however, as a Magician,
i figure i may at least try to get a hold of it.

Any suggestions,
and helpful idea’s are much appreciated!

In terms of Links,
and Proper emergence,
i’ve already taken a Photo sitting on the Chair.





I have a money/business spell on here somewhere.

Just a sec.

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Here you go.