Kings & Killers

We live in the world of kings and killers
Where there are no fairy tales
But we have strippers
There are no castles or princes’ and pillars
But we have monsters and ghouls you can’t find in thrillers

King’s and Killer’s
All have a story
One has neglect
The other has glory
The King seeks conquest
The Killer loves hate
But both will be alone at the end of the day

If it’s one thing about people that’s true
King’s and Killer’s are the only people I knew
One kills many
The other kills a few
But the real question is
Which one are you?

For you are bound to hurt people and make mistakes
But wasn’t it the righteous people who put the witches on the stakes?
~ is this Kurumi of the Dead?
@Lady_Eva @DarkestKnight


No, as far as I understand it, it was actually fueled by the people that wanted to take over the cottage industries commercially, like brewing and herbal remedies and midwifery.

Follow the money.

King’s and Killer’s what, sorry? Or did you mean the plural, which doesn’t have apostrophes?

I’m neither unless you count food plants and animals, but I don’t really believe in “death” as a thing.
I don’t see why anyone should have to be either.

The real question is, who are you?
I think we are all much more than things confined to either or choices. Find out who you are and your fairytales will come back.


It’s all metaphorical, it seems to be throughout history the people who claim to be heroes get away with anything while the less fortunate pay for the consequences. Blood and suffering is behind the veil of this world technology and civilization. Everything at one point was taken from one person and forcefully taken by another.

Yes indeed, history has a sick way of twisting the stories in itself. There is always greed, and people tend ignore that it’s a great past time of each one of the races, corruption will always be as well as the people who remember it’s damage.

Well, corruption isn’t always a thing, on Earth maybe it’s a side effect of how a lot of people get here, and the different types of people trying to instate different forms of governance. Think bigger.

The world rewards effort and accomplishment, this is as true in magick as in any other field. I can sit on my butt whining that I want a gold medal at the Olympics, for example, but only the people who perform specific actions will get one.

But if you explore some of the earlier, less commercialised Science of Mind material, authors like Wallace Wattles, you’ll see it’s about creation, not competition.


There are 3 things humans have an instinct towards:

The instinct to Survive
The instinct for comfort/peace
The instinct to procreate

If any of those freedoms are threatened people will do any and all to fulfill those needs to fulfill their insatiable greed beyond that need.
For the strong will devour the weak. Devour their lives their souls to keep.
And they would gladly sign that sheet
That contract for their soul to keep.
To stay plugged in.
For that Social Security.
Because its safer in the herd
Its safer to be a sheep
But there will be blood
There will be bleep
With wolves among them.
Impostering sheep!
Snakes in the grass.
Snakes in the creep.

Sanctimonious ghasterdally bastards with their thumb on the pulse and their finger on the trigger. Liars and Hypocrites.

I don’t want your solutions
And I don’t want to deal with your mistakes
No matter how much medication
The doctor says I need to take
I still say

You’re the ones that kill your babies
You’re the ones that fuck your kids
You’re the ones that throw each other away
You’re the ones sitting in church every Sunday

And I don’t want your religions
And I don’t need your sympathies
And I don’t want a part of all your hatred
No matter how much you yell at me
I still say

You’re the ones that kill your babies
You’re the ones that fuck your kids
You’re the ones that throw each other away
You’re the ones sitting in church every Sunday

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There’s a saying that “What the Thinker Thinks, the Prover Proves” - when you have a belief, the evidence will appear to support it, via confirmation bias, and evidence against it will be easy to ignore or downplay.

For example, one could look at the dawn of agriculture, which is arguably where pitched battles, leading to the need to commit genocides, and competition to own land and prevent others having access to it, all began, as well as slavery (farming plants & tending livestock is hard work, better to find some group who can be pushed into doing it).

But that was also the first time in which humans started to have the leisure and stability to create culture, to consider the form of their societies, and the rights and responsibilities of people in them, at a level beyond simple survival. Specialisation is only possible when we’re not having to personally grab each calorie we consume from the natural world.

An abundance of food and food stores could therefore be argued as both “good” and “bad” depending on the points you wanted to make, or the beliefs you hold.

If you have a belief about something, and the world bothers you, at least try to adopt a different belief for a while, and look for proof that’s correct, see where it leads you, and also, try taking each belief to its logical conclusion: if it was accepted by all and put 100% into practice, what would the world look like?

As normal people, we can choose to be things bobbing haplessly in an ocean of other things, washed about by currents and feeling ourselves the victim of any we dislike, and the triumphant supporters of those we prefer.

As magicians, arguably a bit more is required, if we start to look into questions about where the line is drawn between our personal consciousness, and whatever seems to be creating the universe, time, space, and so on. :thinking:

There’s also a whole thing about our shadow and what we dislike being the mirror of our own desires, but that’s all a bit beyond the scope of this post.

At some level it was people who thought the witches had something they lacked, or wanted to control.

“I’m going to hurt you because you hurt people and hurting people is wrong” is a Gordian Knot that baffles many a mind… :smiley:


You all are saying the exact same thing as me, the kings and killers isn’t meant to be taken literal at a face value. It’s a letter from a human to its higher ascended self. The human ask the question? Why can’t everyone figure out that you are your own god, you decide what is real and what is not. He realizes that people who have that knowledge and mindset have a responsibility to guide others as well as keep learning and ascending above what “kills” the fairy tale.


Personally, I think it is saying that kings and killers are the same, and it is only the choices they make that are different. One refuses to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, preferring to blame anything and anyone but themselves when things don’t go their way, while a true king understands that only he is responsible for how he acts in any given situation, and he alone must accept the consequences.

As the old saying goes, the only difference between a hero and a coward, is that the hero feels the fear but chooses to push forward anyway.

You make a choice, and then you act from that choice, accepting whatever comes from it.

The world is as you choose to see it.

No, it was the fearful, spurred on by the greedy.