Kingdoms of Flames

Hey guys have any of you been pathworking Kingdoms of Flame or habe you in the past? I am currently doing other pathwork but i am considering doing tgis afyer i am done with my current project. What i am asking i guess is in the book it shows u a gateway to draw to meditate in at night. Then it shows u the magick squares so u can open the gates to that kingdom. However it never says whether to evoke the demons after u have visited the kingdoms or while you are accessing the kingdoms. I know to get the most use of the demons later in other evocation you should pathwork them. If i have missed something please let me know.

i have this working pending for years now, and it was yesterday i have used the astral gateway (Temple of Causality) for the first time.

so i have begun officialy working with this grimoire.

my further instructions are to open the first square, state my business and ask Martal for initiation, after which i am to close that rite, take the astral gateway i have drawn on the rooftop at night, and travel to the First Kingdom of Flames and meet Martal there, and recieve further initiations.

but please, if anyone has more experience with KoF, do tell.

i was also wondering the same thing, not really understanding what i am to do here. so i left the work on hold. in the meanwhile, i got to the point of hearing the spirits and being able to communicate well enough to get directions for further work.

as for what i’m experiencing, being able to ask a great demon for advice, particulary on the work regarding his own domain is the best thing magician can do. you literaly get ahead one step at a time, with each step expanding your view on things.