Kingdoms of flame


does anyone know where i can get a copy of koettings kingdoms of flame ? that isnt insanely priced ! i mean i know its the holy grail of black magick but come on its still a book!


His physical grimoires are indeed rare, and as a result, expensive.

This leather-bound copy is going for $4,019.33:

Here’s a hardcover one for $749.25:

I personally believe these books are numismatic collectors items that will be worth tens of thousands of dollars in the future, like a rare painting, as the publishing world goes completely digital. This classifies each one as a financial investment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if an original “E.A. Koetting” grimoire isn’t on the same level, or at least close to, an original Aleister Crowley book in a few hundred years. It could be a fascinating and cherished keepsake to pass down from generation to generation in your magick family.

P.S. Kingdoms Of Flame is my favorite E.A.K. book, as well as the first one he wrote. It’s also the first one I read by him. It’s a spine-tingling read. So quite honestly, I think it’s worth the money, even if it is highly inflated due to scarcity. Each book is a magical talisman in and of itself. They literally possess power.

P.P.S. Although, it may please you to find out E.A. is considering re-releasing his books in an updated digital format. This would preserve the numismatic value of the physical grimoires, while also making the information available to new readers.


Hey Diminishedshadow, Timothy is right about Kingdoms of Flame, on all accounts. If your seriously looking for one at a bargain price (which I would say is anywhere between $200-$500) …even for one of the Standard volumes that’s not exactly mint, your going to have to keep your eyes peeled and do some dedicated serious searching. I would suggest contacting Jonathan @ Midian Books and see if he can help you. Also check eBay twice a day under the separate search terms of ‘Koetting’, ‘Ixaxaar’, and ‘Kingdoms of Flame’ …you never know what will pop out of nowhere! and you can also check the Book page on the forum, (that is the ONLY reason I would suggest going to that forum, if you must. …I frequented it for a while and ended up fighting major trench battles on a regular basis, defending my opinion of EA’s credibility, under my same GOZER moniker, before I got tired of the unending BS and deleted my existence there) but if your seriously looking, you might find a good sale there. I give this advice in confidence because it’s mainly how I aquired my collection, and a majority of it was being on eBay at the right time. :slight_smile: …I have a Standard 1st Edt. Kingdoms of Flame, and Black Leather bound #18/18 from eBay transactions, and the one-of-a-kind Burgundy Leather bound Kingdoms of Flame #0/18 from a private transaction with the owner of IXAXAAR earlier this year. …Keep your eyes open, put the word out, and exhaust your Desire into a Ritual of Attainment. Be conducive to its reception. ~Good Luck My Brotha!! The Book is Worth the Effort.


AAAAAHHHHHH…Now I know where I first saw your name…I would go there sometimes just to watch idiots flame each other and to laugh…I am sorry you had to put up with that…

I also had similar rebuttals with those that would knock EA and a couple of other sites…I suppose jealousy has strong roots. Red Dragon I had a similar session…and I have decided not to continue in that bunch as they waste a lot of time chasing shadows.

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Gozer, Maxx, I couldt agree more with you. The forum you mentioned is 100% crap. Ive seen them bashing EA and I can totally tell it`s jealousy.
I remember a phrase, was it you who wrote it?: “This man (EA) has left a mark in magick… have you?”. None of them answered that, of course.
Besides almost all of them act like assholes…


Right on…



Now THAT’s loyalty!!


I wish EA consider releasing a kindle version of his previous books on Amazon. The become a living God eBook I read using my Kindle DX .


I do hope he does. This would be great.


That would be great! I agree with Bigfriend and Neeros, I would also love to be able to purchase digital copies of E.A’s books for use on my Kindle like with BaLG.


Koetting Should Reissue his back catalog of books.i wonder if koetting has ever got any spirit photographs,maybe he could give some insight on real spirit photos. put it in a book. also is santa muerte the same baron cemitre. which one is better to call to open the graveyard to the dead.


I just picked up a copy from Ixaxaar after emailing to see if they had any copies at the moment. Indeed they did, one that hadn’t been put up for sale yet. :slight_smile: Price was decent as well.

Don’t give up, they are out there!