Kingdoms of Flame

Next is the Kingdom of Shadows.

I opened Targal’s sigil and projected through. He was wearing all leather, but the environment is dark and I felt like I couldn’t see a lot of the details well enough to describe them.

T: “You’ve come.”

M: " I have. (I noted that he had relevance to the conversation I just had with Atron earlier in the morning)."

T: " It does. But this (using him) isn’t to bind them to your service. But they may explain more about that (binding spirits to service)."

M: “Not all spirits make it into your ‘pit’.” (He seemed a little annoyed or put off that I mentioned that and I don’t know why I even thought about it. Likely due to having worked with psychopomps and recognizing the different avenues that I am aware of (likely a small fraction))

T: “No, but enough do.”

M: “How are these selected?”

(His face stonewalled and I could see he didn’t want to talk about it. When I focused on the opening to the ‘pit’, which looked similar to a firepit sunken into the swampy ground, I could see each was bound, but how and why, I couldn’t glean anything more than each was a personal binding (like a debt, agreement). Who these debts or similar were to, I don’t know and this was confusing, even as it made me more curious)

T: “I think that’s enough.”

I left.


I could see using these two to get additional information about their respective Angels or Demons, but I didn’t see much relevance to anything I was interested. Might be handy to consult before striking out at a particular entity, but I don’t see a need to go down that route right now.

I can see why, in a sense. It almost seems like you either have an affinity (at the moment or in the past) towards his topics or you don’t. Not someone I would call up without reason, unless he were to give me a nudge. The involuntary binding of spirits is a bit of a flashpoint topic, in my opinion, so I can see why it isn’t talked about as much.


Saltanat was next and it was a much more pleasant encounter.

S: “You met my counterpart (Targal).”

M: “I did. You know what I asked?”

S: “I do. But I have an answer (general, for his area only). When they have nowhere else to go and don’t resonate in other areas (places), I bring them here.”

M: "Do you go looking for them? Does someone or something approach you about them?

(I could feel both were right to a degree. More the referral than the looking)

S: “That is more correct (referral). I do look after them. (He conveyed that he didn’t like to leave his space, if he didn’t need to). Was there anything else?”

M: “No, thank you.”

Phalthorn was next and said nothing as I stood before him. Instead, he showed me how to use a technique I’ve been working on in my Pele grimoire to call forth/evoke the dead, given a signature. That seemed to be all he wanted to convey.

He is involved with evoking the dead to visible appearance and speaking with them, so I was a little surprised (and thankful) he showed me how to use this technique in a way I hadn’t fully considered before.

Mestorat was next and his area is generally protecting people from the Dead that would harm them.

M: “You don’t really need my help, but others may. (I saw pictured of remotely helping people here). I would be a good candidate for that.”

That was it.


Ah, Heptomaltor. We already met when I did a working not long after starting this book. He’s a torturer, specifically listed as one who tortures “any soul that disobeys the Sorcerer” and their enemies. There’s a rapist that acts like a spiritual guru of sorts (lesser, obviously). As I opened Heptomaltor’s sigil in the square, he told me to evoke him to my space, instead.

I evoked him first. I then set up my incense holder triangle to evoke the target and called him into it. He came quickly, very quickly, with no resistance. He is weak willed indeed. I’m clearly not his friend.

I called out what actions I wanted him to take a why. I solidified these and then bound him to these. This is what Heptomaltor would enforce. I repeatedly stabbed through him and into the piece of paper with his identifying information on it. I anchored this binding into him with this.

I then clarified exactly what I wanted to happen with Heptomaltor. The target must confess publicly to each instance or be set upon until he does. Heptomaltor upped the agreement and will back off after a confession, only to start back in again until equal pain is caused, without making him a martyr. It was asked of me that he not be made a martyr.

At this point, I called upon Hecate to help heal the victim(s) of this person. Especially since the “spiritual” community isn’t offering them any help at all and making it worse for them. She agreed and I suspect (felt) she will have some additional influence on the next part of the working.

I then called upon Az Jahi and the Druj Nasu (in female form, using my sigil for them). When the victim came forward, the community victim-blamed and swept it under the rug. They enable this target and that doesn’t fly with me.

Az Jahi agreed, but the Druj Nasu didn’t. I was baffled. She indicated it wasn’t just this one target doing this. She wanted to go after more. I agreed and then she agreed and left to go about her task of making the community enablers pay.

I then closed the ritual. It’s been a productive morning and I’ll need to rest a bit before getting back to it.

Edit - this concludes my work through of the Kingdom of Shadows.


This is so wild. I might work with this when I get more comfortable. First, I gotta do my stuff with Hathor.

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Thanks. The spirits can be called without using the book method and I don’t know which is “better”. I would use whatever method works for you, when you get to that point.


Keltar looked like a lumpy, black mass I couldn’t put any real shape to. I gave the “Demon of Slaughter” a target who had shot and killed a baby. I could feel Grand Demon Adakamon in the area, watching the encounter. We didn’t have issues this time.

I’m not in the habit of giving blood to the KoF spirits, but I felt that I should here.

Methsan: You can do this, too, you know.

(I watched as he started a small blackened area inside my target and tied it to their energy, to slowly be fed by themselves, multiplying like cells to grow over time. We’ll see over time, but it’s a low and slow burn.)

Gorka, the Demon Lord of Despair and Betrayal, was faceless with his hood, but wanted a bigger offering than I originally planned on giving. He wanted a larger one after that and this included doing some work for him (unspecified). Adakemon intervened and the target and payment was accepted.

I don’t trust Gorka. If I call on him again, it will be an evocation in my ritual space to…reduce his attitude.

This concludes the Second Kingdom of Night.


The Third Kingdom of Flames is the domain of Enkidorat, the Grand Angel of Ascent.

First up was Pontimas.

P: “You have a lot of work to do.” (I laughed and he chuckled afterwards).

P: “You are working hard and trying to absolve yourself of things done ‘wrong’ in the past. You do realize that some of those were necessary (for you progress properly)?”

(I didn’t answer)

P: “They were. You should worry less about that and more about what’s ahead.”

M: “Do I have negative attachments (of course I do)”

P: “If you’re going to answer yourself, why ask? I will help you with this, with ridding yourself of them.”

The conversation was over.

Unlike most of my encounters, which have been in swamps or rooms, Sakatos met me outside, where he looked to be riding atop a cyclone, just as described. Probably front-loaded, but it doesn’t really matter.

M: “Will you clear the obstacles from my Ascent?”

S: "I will, except those that you must overcome for it.

M: “How often should I call on you for this?”

S: “If you feel blocked, call on me. I will tell you if I will or won’t remove them (or I’ll saying nothing, which is just as telling)”.

With that, he left.

I projected to Ismaelta (Demon Guardian) and came to…something clad entirely in armor. I couldn’t see anything underneath. Not even eyes. He nodded at me. I nodded back. He left.

Alkalon was next - the Spirit of Alchemy. It makes me think of alkaline every time I read it.

A: “I will teach you in your dreams. There is much to work with and much to work on. I accept this challenge.”

I found him upbeat and amusing, but he’d decided the conversation was better held in my dreams, I guess.


So cool!

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Still going. The taking breaks and doing it over the day has helped. You may find the next one of interest.

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Tananzal, the Demon of Illusion was next. I projected and myself in a pitch black room, with only the fireplace and mantle visible with a low fire going. I “knew” this was a room I had been in before. I also knew that he was in the blackness, watching me. Eventually, a pair of yellow eyes were visible. I knew what the rest of the room looked like by then, but couldn’t see past the blackness.

He made his point.

He knew I didn’t have a target for him and accepted this. I also got the impression he could teach curses to do the same, but didn’t offer any in our meeting.

Letana, the Encouraging Angel, was next. I looked at her face a few times, but can’t really recall much of it. There was someone I knew that could use her help and she agreed as soon as it was out of my mouth.

What threw me off was that she then led me towards an oversized chair and sat next to me. We just sat there and I was totally content just being there with her. I liked the way I felt and wanted it to continue. I’m not like this in the waking world and even when I remembered that as I was sitting there, I didn’t care.

L: “You could use more of this, too, you know,”

Eventually, it started to fade and the meeting was over. I don’t know where the twelve minutes went, but realized that I had finished one song and another that was a little over ten minutes on its own.

I had already met Frontasch (the Spirit Guide) in the beginning and was going to skip over him, to be honest, but felt that I shouldn’t.

When I projected to him, I was shown a scene that I identified as a sort of “map” of an incident I wrote about in another journal on here the other day - a place outside this system, to keep if brief. I felt it was “upper”, for some reason. It wasn’t a map of the exact thing I saw, but was being used as a reference.

He then showed me a similar map, but it led to “lower” placed. I understood that these were references to the light above and the darkness below (not something I’ve followed at this point) - but I also understood that both “maps” stopped at me. I was in between them, the center of them.

As I realized this, I knew there was something I was on the verge of “getting”, but wasn’t there yet. Whether this was an experience barrier, knowledge barrier, or some combination of the two, I don’t know and he didn’t offer. The “on the verge” understanding was relative. It could be ten days or ten years, I don’t know and he wouldn’t give any hints.

He was pleased at this point and it was time for the conversation to end.

Haask, the Angel of the Armory was next and I got a series of exercises from him (three). One is defensive, one offensive, and the other is protective, but not defensive (I know, I know). It was also obvious that these “tools” and “weapons” weren’t as simple as they seemed. Yes, there were exercises for them, but the tools/weapons were symbolic in themselves.

For example, one was a thunderbolt. And as I watched the (partial) demonstration to get me working on it to turn it into a useful curse, it dawned on me as I ran through a mock of it that the thunderbolt (not lightning bolt specifically) had hidden meanings. I then looked at the other two and realized that they, too had additional meanings to them.

He was pleased I had caught onto this, but I’m honestly not sure I would’ve picked it up without mimicking him right away - which isn’t my typical style. I normally mull it over and work things out in my head initially, if they don’t directly tell me to practice it immediately - and he didn’t.

He was done giving me things to work on, so the meeting was over.

This concludes the initial Third Kingdom of Flames work through.


As I opened the square for the Red Kingdom and Grand Angel Lotir’s sigil, I heard her voice, “Come to me”. Very well.

I projected to her and we spoke a little, most of which was more private in nature. I think she just wanted a fly by before I continued on.

I projected to Saspu, the Angel of Love and Friendship. Muscular androgyny is how I would describe him.

S: “You don’t really have a use for our services (the Red Kingdom).”

(I almost felt like there was a ‘yet’ that was felt and it seemed directed towards the Magical Friends with Benefits group starting in a few months, as well as friends).

I nodded and it was over.

Kret, the Beguiling Demon, did appear as reptilian. I felt he wanted me to look at his eyes, so I didn’t. Maybe the book warning is true.

I didn’t have anyone I wanted his abilities for, so that was that. I could tell he’s not the talkative type.

Tul was next, the Spirit for all Love matters.

T: “Not yet. You will need me for others.”

I thanked him and left.

That concluded the Red Kingdom. Saspu was right.


As I opened the square of the Second Kingdom of Flames and Pendralion’s sigil, he also wanted to see me.

P: “Take notes. You had a bit of a setback recently. That was necessary. It will set you up for better success later. You’ve already been told this.”

M: “I have.”

P: “Something else is in the works and other things are coming along. Similar to what you’ve done recently. Finish this up (which is why you’ve been pushed today). Keep it up and there will be a (reward/payoff).”

It was done.

Iadon, the demon of Wealth and Abundance was up first.

I: “What (items, stuff) do you want?”

M: “Is your information free? (He laughed at this, but it sounded as animalistic as human-like)”

M: “When you take back more than is given, is it restricted to wealth?” (I felt the term ‘wealth’ was overloaded - has many meanings. He said nothing and gave no indication. I could feel Pendralion nearby and Iadon’s demeanor softened.)

I: “No.”

M: “Could what’s taken away be negotiated? Say, the item or the timing?” (He wouldn’t say, but I felt that it was possible. I don’t know how likely, without force."

M: “If we ask you for wealth for another and state they will pay, would you (only) take it from them?” (He laughed and I saw that he might.

If done with them knowing the deal, he’ll take it from them.

If used as a curse, he would expect a payment from the caster, too. IF he agreed to it (or was compelled to))

We were done.

The famed Ladilok was next, the Enslaving Demoness.

I projected to her and could feel her power of enchantment, She started using it on me as soon as I got there. I basically introduced myself and left.

I could see getting caught up with her games if I spent too much time in her space. She might be one to evoke on my ground, if I had a use case for her.

Acheron, the Angel of Influence.

A: “How are you?”

M: “…good? Thanks.”

A: "You will find me useful shortly (next few months).

(I nodded and that was it. Something about the next few months. I’m moving in that time, so maybe it has to do with that. Definitely keep that in mind.).

Lukorst, the Beneficial Angel was next. I thought it was oddly specific that he was assigned gold, silver and pearls, instead of wealth, money, or abundance. Something like that. I suppose it doesn’t matter if he comes through for those that call on him.

L: “I know what you would ask of me.”

M: “I don’t know if it is needed yet or not.”

L: “It may be. I will help, if appropriate.”

The meeting was done. This related to my upcoming move and the housing market there. Which is excessively expensive.

Parion, the demon of Recognition, Titles, etc… “Greed and material exaltation are the fundamental principles by which Parion operates”. Awesome.

P: “What do you want? What would make you happy?”

(I gave him something and he frowned. He said something along the lines of ‘not yet’ or ‘not right now’. Which seemed to be at odds with a demon of material exaltation. It wasn’t even excessive.

He agreed to another task and that would mean he’d work with Lukorst, potentially. This should happen in less than 12 months).

M: “Deggal, Angel of Light, will you surround me with the light spoken of in the book? To increase my presence.”

(I felt a light enter me and spread throughout my body. It spilled out into my aura, projecting into the environment)

M: “How often should I ask for this?”

(Reach for it and it will be there. Ask if you must, but reach for it first).

At this point, I’d been in ritual off and on all day (Friday) and needed to call it.


Abartala, the Guiding Spirit, was next. I wondered what the difference was between him and Frontasch was. (I don’t have answer)

I was greeted by an old man, seemingly blind that was laughing as I approached.

A: “You will come to me later. For Her (Tiamat). Now go.”

(I was just in ritual with Tiamat less than an hour ago. Why I would go to him, instead of just going directly to her? Maybe there’s something further down the line that she won’t answer. Doesn’t make much sense at the moment. And I have no idea what he was laughing at.)

Hekaltor appeared as a blackened figure surrounded by a black cloud or fog that would shift due to some wind I couldn’t feel or see evidence of.

H: “What do you want?”

M: "I have a (family member) that likes to sew discord, conflict, and confusion. I want you to take that away from her and leave her to suffer in normalcy for a while (This will cause some serious internal conflict, which she deserves in spades).

He laughed, accepted, and left. Nothing like using a demon of discord, confusion, and chaos on one who causes it for others.

Disodioria, Demoness of Madness was next.

She reminded me of Nocturnal from Skyrim. She would ramble about things, but they were related (very loosely) to the topic. She didn’t talk about other targets when I gave her mine. Timelines, yes, that was all over the place, but related to what a payment (drop of blood) was worth. But once she decided on something, I felt that part of the conversation solidify and it didn’t waiver.

She certainly has personality.

Maelta, Spirit of Command.

When I projected to him, I gave him a nod.

M: “Bow second or not at all.” His body was that of a man, but with a hawk’s head. I could feel his eyes boring into me.

M: "I will help you. Follow my guidance in your daily life. (He showed me he would nudge me towards the right direction in situations where I may not do the optimal thing).

We were done.

This concludes the Second Kingdom of Flames.


Zadkal, the Grand Spirit of Science and Art, wanted me to return to him after opening his sigil.

Z: “You are starting upon a learning endeavor.”

M: “Soon, yes. One for work, one for self betterment.”

Z: “I will help with one. Which would you choose?”

M: “Work. (He wanted my explanation). That’s the one that pays the bills. I have no real time limit for the other. (H approved).”

Z: “Call on them (those in the Fourth Kingdom of Flames).”

Luttal, the Spirit of the Stars was next.

L: “You will have use for me soon.”

M: “I will. I know I would benefit from knowing the alignments and effects of the stars and planets. Not just from dogma or word of mouth alone.”

L: “It will take a while.”

He knew I accepted this and we were done.

Xeroph, Spirit of Stones was almost jovial the entire time. Not what I was expecting.

X: “Ah, you have come. You don’t get it yet.”

M: “There’s a lot I don’t get. (He found this amusing).”

X: “You work with Her (Hi’iaka), yet, you don’t fully get it. They have Life, you know (stones and similar), You use them on occasion, but you don’t harness them. You pull energy from the ground, from Nature, but by specifically not pulling from stones also, you’re only getting half of what you could. Follow my guidance and reap the benefits.”

(I was a little confused, as I don’t exclude energy from stones. I just don’t include it. I took it for something to work on).

Rantka, the Healing Angel’s timing was fortunate and I asked for help for a friend, despite doing several things this morning to add to work already done.

He wanted me to keep our conversation private and I didn’t include it even in my grimoire. It wasn’t full of secrets or anything like that. I think he was setting a precedent, as I will be learning things from him at another time.

This concludes the Fourth Kingdom of Flames. Which concludes my initial work through of the Kingdom of Flames as a whole.


Some parting thoughts, tips, and whatever else I feel like saying…

This is an initial work through only. In-depth learning and usage will have to come over time. There were quite a few spirits that I’ll have to go back to later to learn from or put to use to further my aims and desires.

It’s pretty clear that this book is a catalogue of sorts and some of the entries are pretty similar to others. I think the best way to go about finding which is best for your specific need is to meet the lot and pick one that feel the most correct for that particular goal.

The square projection method is useful for the meet and greet format I’ve shown here. It’s pretty efficient. Open the gateway, the square, the Grand X sigil, then the specific sigil. When you’re done with that specific entity, remove that sigil from the stack and open the next. This reduces the cost of the operation SIGNIFICANTLY. I wouldn’t be evoking nearly that many entities in a day otherwise.

Having said that, if you do want to go the multiple evocation in your area route, open the square like a sigil, then open and evoke the Grand X entity. Then ask the Grand X entity to help make your specific entity come to your space. This will be more expensive in terms of energy than the above, but more efficient than evoking each in a separate ritual of its own.

There were several entities here where I said I would evoke them individually in my space. This is for authority. I own my space I’m doing ritual from, regardless of the ground. When I project to their spaces in the Kingdom, they have more authority in their space and know it. For most this isn’t an issue, but for a few, it had effects. If you’re having issues with a specific spirit and you’re evoking in your space, call the Grand X of the Kingdom and this will put them back into line. Shouldn’t be needed, but if you’re tired, your focus is off, or similar and you need to do the ritual, that may help tip the balance of power in your favor to not have to waste more energy putting them back in line.

I think that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Time for a break.


Just awesome!! Awesome work


I didn’t feel this needed to be Lounged anymore.