Kingdoms of Flame

Hi I’m working with some of the entities in the kingdoms of flames. The first 3 are Martal, Pendralion, and Tuel. I was wondering if anyone knew which lunar phases are most powerful to summon any of the 3, thank you in advance.

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You don’t need to worry about moon phases for the entities in that book. They can be evoked any time.

Okay great. and when it comes to opening the squares before the sigil, is it any different than opening the sigil? any specific incantations or anything of the nature?

No, it’s basically the same procedure.

Okay thank you very much. I was just wondering cause I read your Q&A of 5 entities and i read an incantation that you started and was wondering if they were essential.


That would have been EA’s Incantation to Summon Forth. It’s not essential, but it is useful for any evocation.

Hey Dark, in KOF it says to open the astral portal outside under the stars. is that required or can they be evoked during the day or indoors at night? because I don’t really have access to an outside temple because I live in town so people would be driving by and all that all the time.

Yes, you can evoke the spirits indoors. I do.

The astral gate is a completely separate thing, and isn’t required for evoking the spirits.

Oh? what is the gateways purpose?

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It’s been a while since I’ve fully read the grimoire, but if I remember correctly, the gate leads to something EA calls The Temple of Causality, a place of nothingness where only pure Will prevails. It’s used for the manifestation of desire, so you would travel through the gate and channel your Will through your body, projecting it out into the nothingness so it will eventually take form in the material realm.


oh okay, so kinda like astral manifestation?

Well, you astral project through the gate, and use the power of the Temple of Causality to bring forth your desires.