Kingdom of Flames


Is anyone currently working Kingdom of Flames?

I’m currently trying to gate work and evoke with it but only having limited success. Although things get better every time is this something others have encountered?

Would love to compare notes with anyone currently working this system.


I plan on working through the KoF when I get the new compilation. That might not be for a month or so though - but if you’re still interested at that point, I would be too


Ah cool. I’m hoping there will be some extended notes on the topic too considerIng the system was presumably heavily worked on by Koettings late magical order.
I’ll continue my workings in the mean time and hopefully have something of value when the time comes


so if compilation gets out in january, we might organize a project. i too wish to start with the beggining, and i’ll wait for Complete Works.


I did some astral work with the squares earlier this year. I visited three of the kingdoms, of Red Flame, of Night and of Blue Flame. My stays there were, however, short. I do remember with the Kingdom of Red Flame having forgotten to wear the Seal of the Sorcerer and being asked by some apparently human entities there who I was.


You can expect to find more updates on my blog about my work with the system and I will also post anything particularly spectacular on these forums too. I’d love some other people to work a project on this, to be able to compare notes on a system that has few practitioners would be awesome.

I found when I first did astral work that I had a lot of trouble getting around with out the sorcerers seal, a lot of doors tended to lead around in circle and the image of the seal was constantly be projected at me. I suppose like any system you can remove bits here and there depending on your resources but there is usually a reason why certain things are included and results tend to be alot better if followed closely