Kingdom Of Flames/Magical Square Technique

So I was Inspired by @C.Kendall post on Fastos and the Evocation he did of him to actually trace out the seal of the sorcerer and do the evocation to the T as listed in KoF.

I just traced out the Seal and Am currently Tracing Each of The Squares in my Grimoire/Book of Shadows.

Among getting hella dizzy just by tracing the Seal and Square, I noticed something. Every Sigil of Each spirit in KoF is derived from the relative square to which that Spirit belongs.

This may seem obvious, but to me its mind boggling. Why?

E.A. essentially scryed into the Square and Connected the letters which stood out to get the name and Sigil of the spirir from the Square.

Look at this Square

If you Trace the Sigil of Grand Demon Martal by the letters of his name, you get:

Its the same concept for every spirit in the book!!

This reveals so much you can do to gain knowledge of new spirits from Magical Sqaures. For me, i plan to do this with Enochian Planetary Tablets and To expand on what EA already did with KoF and Find new spirits to work with as well.

Shit! We could get Demonic/Angelic Mantras and Keys from this as well!

Fuck Yes :metal::metal::metal::metal::metal::metal:


careful with enochian :wink:


The Enochian part seems totally exciting x Wouldn’t it be amazing to be actually able to get expert knowledge on the system.I tried reading a lot about it but apart from the 2 destructive keys, nothing else made sense.

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enochian is quantum works, this has nothing to do with “magick” this is ascend and quantum acts and facts
call the angels of the wind to protect your house from the upcoming hurricane per se or get knowledge about quantum healing etc

demons do things by the minute i’ll stick to that lol


I Love all Demons too, honestly.
And I Love all my fellow BALG friends too x
Quantum stuff is interesting but its true Demons are fast x


Awesome brother similar setup i did last night using these symbols.


Wow nice one, I might get one done as well.

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