Kingdom of Flames dangers?

How dangerous are any works in the Kingdom of Flames compared to working with Goetia? I recall reading something along the lines of that it may backfire (i.e. I ask for $100,000 , someone I love dies and leaves me that in their will ). Before I enter this work is there anything I should be aware of, and any tips for making stuff not backfire?




Not sure where you would have read that because the entities in that book aren’t any more dangerous than any other spirit.

That is the classic example used in the RHP to convince people that using magick for material gains is bad. However, it can be applied to any magick, not just demonic, and is the main reason why most people put in the caveat, “and it harm none” into their spells.

I have never had a backfire using the beings in Kingdoms of Flame.


Is one of the safest modern grimoires. If you need more insights @DarkestKnight, @Xag_darklight, @C.Kendall can surely help. Is a masterpiece channeled by EA Koetting. They function and the method works. By a couple of people the workings backfired and they had to do some banishings. It was some issue with feminine spirits specialised in bane or ilusions or something like that.

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I have seen so many people treat that as complete BS that I wonder if something like that could occur, even if you forget the caveat.

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Magick tends to take the path of least resistance, so yes, it does exist as a possibility, though a highly improbable one for most people. In order for it to happen, there are a lot of variables necessary. For example, first, you would have to have a rich relative. Second, that relative would have to like you enough to leave you money in their will. Third, there would have to be little to no red tape involved in getting your hands on the inheritance (wills can be tied up in court for years, if someone challenges them) plus there is usually an inheritance tax that is deducted from any cash.

It would probably be easier for a demon to bring you money by having you get into an accident and become a paraplegic so you get a massive insurance payout, than to kill a relative.


And that would also depend on other variables, including political ones. But what you said does make sense.

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