King Purson

As I was drifting off to sleep last night I heard a voice in my head very clearly tell me to “Stop it” while I was looking at news (which, thank you, good point), and then I kept thinking the name Purson, over and over. So taking the hint, I found time this afternoon to do an evocation.

Purson has been an entity I’ve intended to evoke him much more than I have had the opportunity to. I evoked using ritual 2 in Demons of Magick. I could sense but not hear (working on that steps with 3rd eye meditations). I requested success in my immediate writing projects and had a general one-sided discussion about what I wanted in terms of success in my career.

I ended the ritual with the license to depart but also stating that Purson was always welcome in my home and to return whenever he pleased.

Immediately after I had a lingering feeling that something was still tailing me. All around my home, I felt like I had some type of energy still attached to me.

I was sitting on my couch, trying to distract myself, when I had this sudden realization in a way I never considered before. Prosperity and success aren’t a destination, it’s a journey. My career ambitions weren’t nearly ambitious enough.

I had bigger things in store for me than what I asked for. I needed to be working towards more because I had so much more in store for me than what my tunnel minded brain could see. If I’m only ever working towards one just out of reach goal, how can I keep growing?

I felt this insane energy as though I was supercharged like I was finally realizing all of the power and potential I had, I felt like I could punch through a wall. I felt electric. Like I was capable of accomplishing anything. I’m typically like a pretty meek little pleb, not used to sudden bouts of confidence and power. Holy crap, what a feeling.

I’m going to go ahead and recognize that sudden energetic rush of power and potential as Purson giving me a taste of what’s to come and some guidance on where I should be looking.

Thank you, Purson, Mighty King.