King Paimons spell for disrupting, confusing and hindering an enemy

So as I am in the middle of the magickal war and i asked King Paimon to give me some thoughts and he gave me this spell. Use it as you see fit.

"Ravens of confusin gather over the enemy, taking his peace on a quiet night they hear drums and trumpets, a racket where there is none. Imps of malice are infesting their ranks and turn them against each other.

I have no idea what the last paragrapf before aeternalys means, but i tried it and so far so good. Use it as you see fit.


That’s a synchronicity.

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Meaning? I just wrote it down and casted it. I didnt do any research before hand

No I meant for me.

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ok than :slight_smile: good for you :slight_smile:

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