King Paimons Meditation: Why did I feel warm blood rolling from my eyes?

I had a very intriguing and confusing meditation saison with King Paimon. I found this video on YouTube and proceeded to follow the instructions.

It was stated that I should see a desert as one would imagined Egypt to be, but alas t’is was not the case with me. All I saw was black sands and black skies with a bright white sun and limestoned Pyramid. The whole season was hard to see anything, my mind was somewhere else but yet still there. I could hardly picture anything which is odd since my imagination is always creative.

Alas, my body started to feel weird. My legs grow numb and painful. My left eye started to bleed, I felt the warm blood rolling down from my eye and I felt a lose of consciousness but yet a gaining of it. Then suddenly the video ended and I was back. There was no indication of blood on my eye as I tried to wipe it away.

I can’t forhorn what was going on. I have no idea why this happen and what it could mean. I would greatly appreciate assistance from my fellow BALG family. I have never worked with King Paimon before, so I assume some of you might have answers.


First of all, congrats for your experience!

Also, King Paimon often shows visions to people. It’s common when he tries to tell you or show you something specific. The realm you saw, is something that many people have visited, or so it seems. You should check for a deeper meaning or perhaps ask the King himself.

I know all these because I too have visions. Though I don’t meditate when I get them. They just appear out of the blue. Some of them have to do with creation, some others with relationships between spirits, etc. But as I said, he often does that.


Thank you. This is very interesting, still I wonder why I felt this real sensation of my eye bleeding. What this could mean I don’t know.

I would ask, but I feel fatigued after that encounter. Felt intense.

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I understand, sometimes it happens. Perhaps you saw a vision of an event, or something that has a meaning for you personally, but you may not know about it yet.

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Well… oddly enough after my meditation I just got notified that an Earthquake on a 3,4 scale had hit Jutland (Denmark) where I live. I don’t know if that’s related tho.

It’s odd. Earthquake is a rairity in Denmark and especially on that scale.


Well, I don’t know if that vision was trying to tell you about a catastrophe, or something like that.

It’s sometimes hard to read visions that weren’t showing a specific event. Especially if that vision was taking place in an unknown realm.

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