King Paimon's bargain. I have to wear an inverse pentagram pendant in public

I offered to do something for him to promote his sigil but that wasn’t enough. I realized he wanted me to wear a an inverse pentagram pendant in public as he twiddled with his thin Satanic moustache with a mischievous grin.

I ordered it online afterwards.


Sounds fun, do people around you know you’re into the occult?

Sounds fun, wear it to church :slight_smile:


I don’t know. They will now.

It won’t be wearing it to work. That’s the deal.



So why do you think he would have you do this, Zenifon? What does wearing the inverted pentragram in public mean to you? And what does it make you feel?

Why did he do it? I don’t know fully, probably to get me to lose my aversion to it as a symbol. Maybe to acknowledge my new familiarity for Hell as a good place.

How did it feel? Like an ego trip until I forgot about it. I then contemplated doing a conjuring of Him tonight and I contemplated what he may advise, he suddenly scrawled his name and I got the urge to do something ball- breakingly tedious. I bought a new hook for the toilet and then i got in and completed a work based project that I’ve been holding off, a type of homework. Must’ve took over an hour. Then I fixed the toilet which was a job in itself.

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In my experience, everything they do is to help us remove the things blocking us from our own evolution and ascent in some way.

Ponder it. Let your intuition guide you. And talk to him about it.


Maybe the right person will see you wearing it and you end up doing rituals together


Just back from a half hour conjuring session with the King and the purpose of this act hath been clarified.


I realized yesterday, the word TETRAGRAMMATON encircles my pendant. I just got a screwdriver and a hammer and managed to vandalize/erase the TETRAGRAMMATON from the outer rim.

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Don’t forget Divination too

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How common is a bargain like this or worse anyway? :open_mouth:
~I hope Lilith will not force me to wear a thong and heels XD

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Dude, I’ve worn pentagram pendants before, just not inverse ones. It was only for a day also. Chillax

Still: Is such or a greater bargain common?

Hey if you got the legs for it live your life​:nail_care::dancer:


Just because i would not feel so comfortable with that situation,
doesn’t mean that i do not enjoy such fantasy XD

Just kidding! Am i kidding? :open_mouth:

LoI I wear an inverted pentagram in public everyday. Most people either don’t notice or care, occasionally I will get a strange look, however a few people I thought were Christian showed me their pentagram pendants and tattoos.

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As a serious answer …

Any time I’ve had a spirit ask me for something, it was always to help me further my own evolution in some way.

For example, I’m working through my own trust issues with other humans. So I’m finding a lot of humans directed at me right now, asking for help.

I don’t really believe the spirits want or need anything from us, though I do believe they value sincere appreciation and symbolic gestures that truly mean something to us.

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