King Paimon

yesterday I summoned King Paimon. Paimon came to me 3 months ago, with all his band of musicians, I must admit that I had no interest in him, because of not knowing him. A member of the forum, after scanning me, saw that I had connections with Paimon and Belial, and that I needed to connect a little more, so I decided to call him. I didn’t use candles, no incense, no quimiognosis, just had my cell phone, his sigil and meditation. I turned off the light, set the phone with the sigil two meters away, and began to meditate. until 10 minutes I felt nothing but tingles and goose bumps, within 15 minutes I felt as if something connected to my body and entered my mind (I was quite scared at first because I thought it would come in a monstrous appearance or monstrous voice) and I began to feel very calm. I Felt semi-possessed, like i was half-drank . I asked him to speak through me (usually spirits I call speak through my mouth or send images to my third eye). From his manner of speaking, he looked like a King, wise and of thousands of years of experience (like that classic image of the wise old wizard) He asked me to be his Sword, which I believe to be a sign of power and internal alchemy, and also told me other things I cannot share. I’m very proud of myself, because it was my first invocation without any paraphernalia or instruments that fit psychodrama (which I thought was impossible)


Thanks for sharing!

*King Paimon.


No banishing like LBRP just simple sigil summoning? You do it all without protection bro?

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