King paimon

hello E.A Koetting, i came across your youtube page and im highly impressed by your work. im a musician. my dad has strong psychic abilities and can easily communicate with spirits. im here to ask you about an incident or maybe even get an insight from you.

so there was a time when i came across this movie that showed demonic manifestations such as possessions. and i started searching and learning more about the hierarchy and the history of this demon king. i guess you probably already worked with him. King Paimon. and well i was 14 back then. now im almost 19 and this one spirit never exactly left my mind. i remember once i tried to call upon him. it was weird because i was feeling such a great relief and i wasn’t even bothered trying to call upon an evil spirit. i felt strong even at times. now knowing im saying all this out of no experience, well of course how would i be able to receive any form of presence from a great king like him.

so there was this one time when my personal issues were rising up to the surface. i remember you said that that’s how the luciferian light works. once again im still almost 19 and never really tried stuff in magick (although i want to learn someday). so i asked my dad who’s once again, is a real psychic. and he told me to stop calling upon that one spirit or thinking about it or its name even saying that these are all energies. well of course. but i never told him about that spirit. then he started telling me in Arabic that this spirit is showing itself to him and isn’t pleased. he said i’d only be hurt. (?)

i still wonder til today if any of that is true. is it all just in my head? could it be just my thoughts? does it stop from being real if it’s only in my head? and is there a chance possibly that King Paimon really noticed me or gave me any sign even?

im very sincere, thank you.


That being in your head, doesn’t make it less real or anything. But you should know that King Paimon always comes when summoned and always listens when talked to. As for any signs, that’s for you to say…

I suggest you search the forum for similar experiences with King Paimon (we have many people here experiencing similar things). And you should end up with your own conclusion on the matter.


Take the path and you’ll understand that good and evil are a man made notion, also King Paimon doesn’t fit the ‘standard’ conceptualization of evil you may have in your mind either.

I recently been receiving sings I’m not able to understand and experienced strong activity regarding King Paimon’s name, the stacking coincidences took me to a member of the forum moments before he was going to call upon King Paimon, and since I never worked with entities before, I politely asked him if he was willing to ask King Paimon if he was somehow reaching out to me, and the answer we received was for me to take time to learn the basic and when I develop more he would be there AGAIN.

The advice given to me perhaps may serve you as well (obviously that is for you to decide), take your time to learn the basics of magick and evocation and call upon his name when you’re ready.

Fear not, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself, fear is the mind killer.

I hope more experienced people will notice your thread and help you with their insight.
Best regards from another musician.


thank you for the insight. goodluck tp you as well :slight_smile:


you’re right. just because something exists in our heads doesnt mean it’s not real. thank you