King Paimon

I watched hereditary the movie, and i want to hear people’s opinions on what the movie says about the king. I myself have worked with him and obviously the movie is supposed to be scary… but when the mom opens the books and shows his photo. It says king paimon and next to it it says god of mischief. I’ve seen the movie 3 times and never caught that. I’ve never heard of king paimon being the god of mischief and I don’t believe it cuz it just sounds not accurate. Has anyone read anything legitimate on that. King paimon has been an awesome almost friend of sorts and a guardian to me if anything, no mischief whatsoever I was under the impression he was quite the opposite and almost always genuine with those he respects…? Thoughts???

There were moments where this movie was discussed.

The one I was able to find was this thread.


Yeah that’s kinda what I’m saying… I just want to know if I’m missing something. Because as far as I’m concerned this movie simply wasn’t accurate in its portrayal of king paimon because in my experience he has been nothing short of amazing to work with and almost friendly even. Completely honest and all around good. Great actually. The best teacher I’ve ever had and honestly so respectful and to me has been like the plug of the spiritual world. So I’m just wondering why the negative portrayal … I’ve learned everything about king paimon from the goetia, and from working with him, and people’s testimonies. Are there any other books that are accurate that I could read further into it. Because if not this movie is just down right disrespectful.

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Movies are meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Considering that Hereditary is a horror movie.

What the movie is merely doing is an exposure to Him. I guess it can also be counted as an intro? It’s portraying him in very subtle ways that hawk-eyed viewers can notice. It’s the little things that counts.

Welp, to each their own.


Hold up God of mischief that’s my friend Loki all that I know about Paimon is that he’s trustworthy and iss great at mind control. Damn just remember I was supposed to burry some cheese for Loki because I know I can’t summon him strong enough and I don’t want his wrath on what ever steals his cheese.


I appreciate your responses I’m still triggered though and what do you feel about the label In the movie “god of mischief” Next to his name I’d really like you or someone to elaborate further on this. Cuz this really rubbed me the wrong way

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He doesn’t care. If anything, it gives him exposure.
Spirits don’t really care about how they’re portrayed in fiction. They accept that humans are storytellers. In the end, media is just another means of encouraging people to seek them out.

As @Prophet says in this case.


Right … that’s what I’m saying this is the first and only source I can see where he has a label god of mischief… any further thoughts?

How do u reply so fast lmfao

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Do you think that label is even accurately describing him at all tho. I literally feel like it’s opposite of what king paimon is all about.

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The movie looks like an offering to him


Well, it depends, I suppose.

Maybe King Paimon likes to act mischievously (in a good way) towards the Summoner incase they’ve missed a lesson in their life?

Lessons aren’t always meant to be serious or ancient. It can be taught in fun and meaningful ways as well.

Just my two cents tho.

Lol your asking someone how they responded so fast my phone bearly loaded I’m befor you responded, I think it would have been better if they just had humans summoning him and he used mind control to make the victim do horrible things I they wanted to show him in a bad light should have kept to the basics about him and shown that when a demon oes do something percieved as evil it’s typically just helping a human with there wishes. You would by any chance have Paimons sigil and chant would you I’m get a few sigils I need and hopefully drawn them soon.

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Why don’t you evoke King Paimon and ask him about that reference since you literally work with him? :thinking:

Yes I have both u can google them I have a blood pact with king paimon

That’s a waiste of both of our times

I just don’t even see one bad thing about him I guess maybe if ur on his bad side it would probably suck. Idk never been there prolly not the place to be

Super off topic but by any chance are you looking for a spirit Joker I don know who he is yet actually but I can’t really interact with him I know he has designed a realm that someone else seen through a scan of me he revealed himself to both of us and took claim of the realm he’s cool but I just feel like I’m ignoring him especially since I need to further my interaction with mother and father Mainly, I end up spending most my time with my succubus which is good but makes me neglectful but help my visualization out quite a bit. If your interested let me know so I can make him aware someone wants a friend he can definitely help desighn a realm for what ever reason he was excited and was like make one when I brought that up he actually was able to write it and show me the paper typically that doesn’t work so yea I can verify he has capability. And a good sence of humour I asked him to help once to occupy a turantuala that was like being very very persistent in interacting with me and they wifey when I was going on a journey with her just letting her lead me he ended up playing dead and the tarantula was crawling out of his mouth, I ended up finding the tarantula to be a useful ally I send hourdes of them at the government to at least bother them then called them off after a while fearing for there safety. Eventually someone will piss me off and I’ll gonna to sick them on them and just make it impossible for them to use there sight because boom spiders all up in your everything. Or get the big one that revealed itself to do something to someone.

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I don’t think being on the bad side of any of the king’s of the internal kingdom would be wise.

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Yeah I’m super cool where I’m at. I forsure wouldn’t like to be introduced to any entity that did not organically come to me.