King Paimon

I need some help or advice and maybe some information of what I have to do to Contact King Paimon and ask for the help to be a good emo rapper and what would I need. Would I need to Invoke or Evoke King Paimon?
Please and Thanks!

Please use the little magnifying glass in the upper right. There are over a dozen threads on King Paimon with all of the information about him you could possibly need. As for evocation, just type in “evocation guide” and click the third option that comes up.

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@DarkestKnight Thank you that was very helpful.

I second that. This question has been answered many times already.

I’ve worked with Paimon a couple of times so not an expert. He can make you feel free and confident and bring the right people. However, I notice with him I’m you need to word request well.
Do not simply ask “Let the producer see my talent!”
Say something specific like “make the producer see I am super talented!”
This way you have a better result And get a personal boost vs the first one he will say “ok, let’s let the producer see the truth of how talented you are.” And going up against other people… objective/subjective is not your friend. Atleast not until you have much more experience. I know a singer on the top of my head right now who was down right atrocious live for several of her first years but she had the right look and now she’s on the top!

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Endeavored to fated concierge. …