King paimon visited

Hi Everyone,

Update. I think King Paimon visited me last night but I think I fucked up . I felt as if I was half awake and half asleep and he was standing right there at the edge of my bed .There were like 3 dark figures trying to reach out to me. I grew up in a Christian home and we were taught if you ever had a nightmare or experience such , just call out Jesus Christ and it’ll go away. The problem is am the one who called on King Paimon and when he came I said Jesus Christ and he left. I really want to work with him but don’t know if he’s upset now.What should I do.

Hey Sam. What I will say to you is in the beginning it is okay to be afraid especially if you are coming from a Christian upbringing.
Sometimes spirits visit at night because this is when you aren’t busy or distracted and such with the everyday hustle and bustle.

If you feel you want to communicate with said entity with whatever reason this is. In the morning or when you are likely to not be disturbed sit down somewhere and set up a ritual space. Call out to him and tell him when you are okay communicating and when you don’t want to be bothered. If you don’t like being visited at night or in your dreams say’ please don’t visit me at night and in dreams and when I am working’ or whatever feels appropriate. Thank him for responding if he does and say whatever else it is that you want to say. Most importantly take things slow and easy. Meeting an entity for the first time can make any one feel anxious. Dress nicely, set the scene as if you were to invite a friend and enjoy your time together.

Once you are done say your farewells blow out any candles if you have any. Dismiss them if you wish to and say goodbye.

It doesn’t really work like that…

I believe you should summon him again and apologize. He’s an understanding spirit.


The name of Jesus means absolutely nothing to King Paimon. What it does, though, is sever (or seriously impede) the connection because of what it represents for you, especially since you were brought up with that faith.

He probably felt you’re not ready to communicate with Him at this point, which is why He went away. It’s fine, just talk to Him again when you’re calm and focused, and explain why you reacted the way you did, I’m sure He won’t find it offensive or anything like that. He never overwhelms people with apparitions or messages they can’t handle. You’ll make contact again when the time and circumstances are right.

Edit to add: If you have any lingering fears, because, you know, He’s supposedly a “demon” and whatnot, address them openly. He knows your mind already, but it is seen as a sign of maturity and also (self-)respect if you’re able to articulate your motivation. There’s nothing wrong with taking it step by step and building trust gradually.


I believe thats placebo.

But why did you do this lol thats kinda dishonest.

Man, he should understand if you apologize but if things wont be good, which I highly doubt, there are thousands of sprits.

Thanks everyone. I’ll update if something happens. I wrote a petition to him again and apologized. Am still waiting.