King paimon sigil tattoo

I have a king paimon sigil tattoo on a place on my body I cannot scry into, I would love to start working with him agian, and I have a been calling him forth.
I’d like to make it a open gateway both ways, where I can use his power to influence the world around me and throught me. I have many goals I’d like to path work though him with.
Any suggestion on how I may achieve this. Better communication and to has his power radiate where ever I go and influence ever goal in a positive manner in my favour?


Well, that tattoo could work like a sigil does. So, I suggest you see some sigil threads for that.

Do that if you want to , or buy a ring and dedicate it to him and wear it

Stare your sigil.

I have Bael sigil on my chest And i stare on it to meditate on him

Yeah mines on a place on my body I can’t see but I can feel the outlines of the ink and thinking once a week consecrate with blood